JamaicaVM embedded software solutions have been used to connect millions of embedded devices.

Discover JamaicaVM embedded software development kits for realtime performance, when running critical applications is the highest priority.

aicas’ JamaicaVM is a Java-based development kit for embedded systems management. The Virtual Machine development of critical embedded platforms for stability and assurance that systems will operate uninterrupted.

We are happy to announce the launch of the latest JamaicaVM version: With JamaicaVM 8.5.1 we achieved a 25% reduction in the size of the runtime. This is extremely important for already restricted environments. And speeded up our build process by 6%.


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aicas’ embedded software development kit provides a managed runtime environment that simplifies your development, reduces the likelihood of errors and provides scaleable development across multiple products and teams.


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Take full control of your code for development of systems optimized for your requirements.


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Deploy, manage and keep your software up to date independent of the hardware. Integrate code from over 50 programming languages.
The ability to move code to a wide range of operating systems and computing platforms gives you full lifecycle INVESTMENT PROTECTION from day one.


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Gain flexibility with aicas embedded microservices with more agility and means to create rapid prototypes or minimum viable products (MVP). A broadroad range of existing solutions and resources ensure SHORTER TIME TO MARKET.

Higher Availability and Lower Costs

JamaicaVM reduces the time spent developing and managing embedded systems that run with higher availability and reduced lifecycle costs.

Architectural Flexibility

Run critical and third party applications uninterrupted and fully protected against intrusions.

Easier Programming

Have control of your code with significantly easier programming in Java.

Application Priority

Develop and run code with a focus on application specifics – not platform limitations.

Less Effort

Significantly improve application quality and reliability with resources that reduce your software development cycles.

Technical Highlights

Real time specification supported by automatic memory deallocation, object-oriented programming.
  • Deterministic Garbage Collection

    Built-in deterministic garbage collection replaces the threat of execution interruptions with the reliability of deterministic realtime Java bytecode and full hardware abstraction.

  • RTSJ Support

    JamaicaVM supports hard realtime down to >10µs based on native support of the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) for assurance that systems will perform as expected.

  • Tools / Standard Libraries

    JamaicaVM comes with tools that enable you to quickly develop your application. This includes complete cross-compilation tools including trace analysis and emulation. Support of OpenJDK libraries and Java Standard Edition compliance.

Supported Platforms

JamaicaVM is available for a wide range of realtime and embedded operating systems running on most important 32-bit and 64-bit processors.


Target OS AArch64 x86_64 PowerPC RISC-V

Android, Linaro, PikeOS and Raspbian 64-bit on request.


Target OS AArch32 ARMv7-A x86

Android, PikeOS and RHEL/CentOS 32-bit on request.


JamaicaVM Toolchain

  • Deterministic and realtime Garbage Collector

  • Multicore Support

  • Eclipse Plugin

  • Small memory footprint

  • Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) cross-compiler

  • Safety certifiable

  • Hard Realtime

  • Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) cross-compiler
  • Safety certifiable
  • Hard realtime
  • Deterministic and realtime garbage collector
  • Multicore support
  • Eclipse plugin
  • Small memory footprint
  • Support of OpenJDK libraries
  • Native support of Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)
  • Dynamic loading support
  • ARM, Intel and PPC hardware support
  • Extended Operating System support included RTOS: QNX, WindRiver, Linux, Windows, etc.

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  • JamaicaVM Eclipse Plugin

    Our plugin allows developers to use JamaicaVM as a Java runtime environment in Eclipse, enabling them to develop and launch realtime applications as easy and convenient as a normal Java program.

  • JamaicaVM Manuals

    Version: 8.5 · 8.3 · 8.2 · 8.1 · 8.0 · 6.4


  • JamaicaVM Release Notes

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    Version: 8.5 · 8.3 · 8.2 · 8.1 · 8.0 · 6.4

  • JamaicaVM API Reference

    (HTML links open in new window/tab)
    Version: 8.5 · 8.3 · 8.2 · 8.1 · 8.0 · 6.4

  • RTSJ API Reference

    (HTML links open in new window/tab)
    Version: 8.5 · 8.3 · 8.2 · 8.1 · 8.0 · 6.4

  • OpenJDK Licensing Information

    OpenJDK library licensing information for linking with JamaicaVM libraries.