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aicas connects with customers and partners across the globe through online and on-location events. Webinars cover a wide range, from our products to real applications in industry and the automotive sector.

No knowledge should be lost and we want to reach all interested people, that’s why we provide recordings of past events and webinars for you.

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5G Edge Computing Applications on AWS Wavelength That You Can Use Today

aicas EdgeSuite on AWS Wavelength allows edge developers to quickly develop, deploy, and operate low latency edge cloud solutions based on the AWS Wavelength product. In this webinar, you will learn about commercially available ISV applications that are built using AWS Wavelength service and high-performant 5G network connectivity.


Changing Lanes – Monetizing the Future of the Software Defined Vehicle

If you want to dig deeper into topics, such as how software is going to manage millions of data or six levels that define autonomous driving, we recommend the recording of our webinar “How Software Will Shape the Future of Driving” with Matt Anderson, Business Development Executive, and Johannes M. Biermann, President – aicas GmbH.

Digital Roundtable

Agile IoT – From Edge to Cloud

The Digital Roundtable is aimed at bringing together industry participants, partners, and customers of aicas in the IoT space. The lead speakers from IDC, AASA, BOSCH, Momenta, Telefonica, and aicas will share their perspectives on the future of the world of IoT and edge computing and engage with participants in a global livestream.

Digital Roundtable

Unlocking the Future of Driving with Data

The car is the most complex product in volume production. Did you know that today, aicas’ software products are used in more than 21 million automotive and industrial devices? How can we unlock the future of driving with data? E. Juliussen, Autom. Analyst former IHS, gives answers to that question in his presentation.


JamaicaVM for RISC-V

Building successful IoT solutions depends on billions of devices that sit on the edge. JamaicaVM embedded software solutions have been used to connect these (embedded) devices – always under real-time requirements. This demo shows Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass V2 using aicas JamaicaVM on the SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V.