Whether you’re building a network of industrial IoT sensors or a fleet of intelligent vehicles, aicas software solutions provide the security, modularity, and portability to reach the edge, without overextending your business.

Empowering The Internet of Things.

Empowering devices to process data and communicate in realtime is transforming how companies define success, from digital manufacturing to developing intelligent vehicles. Value creation is increasingly software-driven with IoT accelerating to the edge – in realtime. aicas’ solutions enable deployment and operation of data analytics and control logic at the network’s edge. Our customers harness data for the realtime insights that drive out operational inefficiencies, lead to discovery of new revenue streams, and adapt to customer demands.


Devices in

On average 25% less time to market
Time to Market
On average 65% less resources needed

Empowering Millions of Cars.

Connected and autonomous vehicles open the door to innovative transportation services, new revenue streams, and providing better user experiences. The demand for software-defined vehicles is pushing an ever-growing number of third-party applications into each vehicle. aicas’ automotive frameworks allow our customers to securely develop, deploy and manage these new generations of apps and services for connected transportation solutions with security and longevity built in.

Empowering Embedded Devices.

aicas has decades of experience providing embedded software solutions for industrial applications, and is the leader in solutions built on the language of the Internet, Java. Our core Java Virtual Machine over decades has been relied on to connect millions of devices across multiple market segments and use cases. aicas embedded tools are backed by proven results providing simpler, more secure coding for complex applications. With the rise in cloud storage developers for embedded systems are keen to adopt on- and off prem solutions.

Empowering You.

Our global teams look forward to helping your digital transformation
and moving your business ahead of the curve.

Solutions for Your Industries

Our solutions reduce development times and get you to market quicker. We provide dynamic and flexible software applications to enable mass customization. Our tools help you provide a better customer experience and unite Information and Operation Technologies for better business outcomes.

Let our proven solutions put your business into overdrive!

A secure, lightweight application framework for Industrial Internet of Things IIoT applications.
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A secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for car head units and In-vehicle infotainment systems.
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Simplifies the management of software running on embedded systems in connected device environments over the entire
software life-cycle.
Learn more about JamaicaEDP

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