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Simplify your cloud-to-edge journey with aicas solutions for embedded software management. Whether you are running a network of industrial IoT sensors or a fleet of smart vehicles, aicas software enables to create edge systems quickly, portably, scalably and with low latency in the cloud.

Empowering Millions of Cars.

Connected, selfdriving cars and autonomous vehicles open the door to new revenue streams and new innovative transportation services. The demand for software-defined vehicles is steadily increasing. Their complexity unfortunately as well.

The automotive solutions aicas offers reduce complexity and provide unification of systems while enabling the development, implementation and management of new generations of applications for connected mobility solutions. aicas simplifies vehicle to cloud (V2C), vehicle to vehicle (V2V), and vehicle to anything (V2A) connectivity. While providing full control and reusability of functionality and full lifecycle management. 4 of the top 5 automotive OEMs rely on aicas.

Empowering The Internet of Things.
IoT and IIoT.

Empowering devices to process data and communicate in realtime is revolutionizing industry and digital manufacturing. Value creation is increasingly software-driven. IoT is accelerating to the edge. aicas’ solutions enable deployment and operation of control logic and data analytics at the network’s edge. Their realtime capabilities are outstanding. aicas provides an unrivaled tiny footprint and extraordinary high processor utilization. This provides realtime data for even critical applications, eliminates operational inefficiencies and opens up new revenue streams.

Empowering Low Latency.

Fractions of seconds matter for more and more applications. To avoid collisions in the mobility sector or for first responder scenarios, extremely rapid reaction times are vital. aicas offers outstanding realtime capabilities. Based on AWS Wavelength, aicas created an extremely low latency development environment for 5G use cases.


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6 licenses each minute.

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Why aicas?

With over 20 years of experience, we enable our customers to simplify their cloud-to-edge challenges with straightforward development, deployment, and operations of embedded software and data at the IoT Edge.

Whether automotive, industry or IoT – we help our customers to get the maximum benefit from their data by providing an open platform for data collection and software management on devices based on Java. By connecting everything, everywhere, anytime, we ensure the right data gets to the right place at the right time.

aicas’ proven, comprehensive solutions offer many capabilities no one else does. Outstanding realtime capabilities, low latency, plus an unrivaled tiny footprint allow the support of challenging and critical systems. aicas has partnerships with renowned technology leaders, such as AWS, Red Hat®, Phoenix Contact, and others to develop market leading IoT Edge low latency solutions.

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