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Our Mission

We bring intelligence to edge devices and unlock the value of data.

Our teams at aicas embrace the mission to bring intelligence to devices and unlock realtime data for clients. We empower our customers in their digital transformation, so they get to where they want to go faster and are better able to leverage valuable resources and services.

The digital future of consumers, as well as business and technology leaders, depends on trusted smart data, reliable software and realtime internet connectivity. These are key for businesses to run frictionless and secure and to make informed decisions based on trusted data. This is the essence that our team at aicas encompasses, with longstanding expertise in embedded and connected software markets around the globe.

aicas solutions enable easy access to the edge and connect it to the cloud… seamlessly. Our goal is to ensure the right data gets to the right place at the right time, so our customers get the maximum benefit from their data insights and are equipped to start their digital edge-to-cloud journey right away.

aicas is a premier provider of embedded software solutions that removes the uncertainty in operating business models and processes across cloud and edge infrastructures. Our solutions assist customers to keep their assets operational in realtime. They can rest easy as their assets and operations are aligned to the speed and flexibility of their markets. Companies get to monetize data as the logic is deployed with faster time-to-market to shape desired business outcomes.

Johannes M. Biermann, aicas President

What We Do

Create, deploy and operate cloud-to-edge. Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Embedded IoT and connected cloud-to-edge solutions are our specialty. What drives us is bridging the edge and cloud applications. We connect anything, anytime, anywhere to enable our customers to access and optimally control edge devices, vehicles, and fleets, therefore empowering aicas customers to augment all physical things through intelligent logic, and access so they can start using, and monetizing, the devices data. In a nutshell, we make creating, deploying and operating cloud-to-edge solutions happen. Fast. Simple. Reliable.

How We Act

We make it easy.

The embedded, connected IIoT and automotive world is getting more and more complex. Thousands of platforms and systems need to be monitored and connected to scale and to power new business models. Here at aicas we keep solving our customers’ most important challenges like: How to access edge devices, and how to access device data; we are making it easy and fast for cloud developers to build and manage cloud-to-edge solutions. All while keeping costs in check and developing the ability to monetize fast on the values created from actionable data.

We reduce complexity.

We achieve this through simplification. Solutions from aicas reduce complexity with unification and simplification. Unification by abstracting via runtimes supporting the broadest range of IoT edge components. Simplification by providing plug & play systems development, lifecycle and data management tools. Providing easy access for OEMs in various industries, 3rd party application providers, cloud hyperscalers, or integrators.

Customer Values

What makes us different?

Our proven, comprehensive solutions support a broad range of applications. Outstanding realtime capabilities, lowest latency performance, and an unrivaled tiny footprint primed for the thin edge, allow us to support the most challenging, even mission-critical operating environments. Team aicas provides support for a variety of edge systems. Our flexible, open- and standards-based products easily connect with most existing cloud providers, operating systems and hardware. We enable clients to unlock the ever-growing streams of data that devices are sending to the cloud. This opens up incredible potential for our customers to generate added value from data for their operations or lines of business.

The main customer benefits:

  • Scalability and time savings through shorter development times and over-the-air updates.
  • Reduced cost through simplicity, standardization and reusability.
  • Ability to react faster to customer requirements or predict technical issues.
  • New revenue streams through SaaS and subscription-based business models, with faster time-to-market, and recurring cash-flows.
  • Maintenance of operational stability within new IoT systems while keeping up with SW, IT, or other infrastructure changes.

aicas – a reliable partner that offers value fast with a maximum return on investment.

Who We Are

aicas partners and clients

We are an international high-tech firm creating embedded software and cloud-to-edge solutions. Our software solutions connect over 25 million devices and vehicles worldwide to provide them with embedded intelligence. From our locations in Europe and North America we serve customers and partners all over the world. Large industrial companies as well as leading automotive manufacturers use aicas EdgeSuite and JamaicaVM for their embedded IoT and cloud-to-edge solutions. aicas partners with technology leaders such as AWS, Google, Red Hat, NXP, Microchip Technology, Bosch, SiFive and others, in offering tailored and leading edge embedded software solutions.

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Silicon Valley had just hit the DOTCOM bust, but we thought embedded systems would bloom in the heart of Industrial Germany. We were enthusiastic about the possibilities that embedded software has to offer and we still are – now with an added focus on reliable realtime Edge Solutions connecting to the cloud for valuable business outcomes. That is why we founded aicas.

Dr. James J. Hunt, aicas Founder and CTO

Our Origin

The best is yet to come.

The idea for aicas was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2001, when four graduates of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) joined forces to found the company with the vision of becoming a realtime embedded systems development company. The founders could hardly imagine that twenty years later, their software technology would become an integral part of the IoT evolution and the digital transformation in the automotive industry. From the small beginnings in modest office spaces in the town of Karlsruhe their entrepreneurial energy put aicas on a journey of success across the globe – continuously supported by hard work, deep software engineering know-how in creating edge solutions, innovation, and curiosity, and full confidence that the best is yet to come. Learn more about aicas’ history →

Our Team

Team Spirit

Real innovation comes from collaboration and vision. aicas’ success is based on bright minds. Teams at aicas have proven their talents with customers and partners time and time again. Our embedded technology experts work closely together with clients all over the world. They are as diverse as the markets aicas serves. We inspire each other, share knowledge and develop ideas within intercultural teams and aspire to solving the toughest challenges when customers and partners put us to the test.

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