Moving Towards Software-Defined Vehicles

The transformation process has begun. Automotive software is a key to future success.

Consumer expectations towards the capabilities of their cars have shifted drastically. User-friendliness and new features are required. Car connectivity, automation, shared and personalized features are all based on in-vehicle software. Automotive OEMs need to embrace the software-defined vehicle while changing their business model.

aicas’ software solutions for automotive manufacturers are an enabler for the successful transformation to software-defined vehicles.

Software-driven transformation is a key differentiator for automotive manufacturers today, but will be even more important in the years to come. With this transformation, automotive OEMs can reap significant benefits, such as improving productivity up to 40%, reducing costs by 37%, and improving customer satisfaction by 23%.*

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* Source: Capgemini

Meet the callenges:
Reduce Complexity and Reduce Costs

Combining the exploding customer experience expectations with the need to reduce complexity and costs.

Reduce Complexity

The complexity and diversity of in-vehicle software continues to increase exponentially. The only way to manage this is by limiting this complexity. The number of versions of functions needs to be reduced. Reuse across platforms, computing units, ECUs, domain controllers, car models, and car lines has to become the software architecture’s credo.

Todays cars contain an average of 50-60 ECUs and more than 20 million lines of code. New software development and operating models are required to cut complexity and increase efficiency.

Reduce Costs

About half of the total research and development costs for modern vehicles are software or electronics related. It is becoming a key factor to

  • Reduce development, test, and release costs
  • Reduce lifecycle and maintenance costs
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Reduce time to market

We Enable and Accelerate Software-Defined Innovation

This software-driven transformation requires proven software partners. aicas’ solutions solve several of the current challenges:

    • Computing & sofware abstraction
    • Platformization & scalability
    • Over-the-air updates (OTA)
    • Vehicle to anything (V2x, V2C, V2V)
    • Security

Computing & Software Abstraction

Abstraction is aicas‘ answer to keep the complexity of the software manageable. aicas‘ solutions ensure applications are independent from hardware, platforms and operating systems. They allow to unify and reuse code across devices, hardware platforms and multiple car lines – even for critical components running realtime operating systems (RTOS) and a broad range of CPUs. Reusing the same code across systems and platforms reduces development and integration effort and cuts time-to-market as well development costs – often by up to 40% or more. Scalability to millions of devices and vehicles is a given.

Platformization & Scalability

From automotive manufacturer to platform innovator: platformization means unification of in-vehicle software platforms. aicas enables centralized vehicle architectures as the key to openness, extensibility and scalability. aicas’ modern software architecture enables scaling of software across all in-vehicle domains and across manufacturers, suppliers, operators.

Over-the-Air Updates (OTA)

aicas provides over-the-air (automotive OTA) software management. Modular, differential updates enable unlimited deployment on millions of devices – at any time, and over the lifetime of a vehicle. Modularity opens up the opportunity to accelerate time to market. Scalability to all vehicles on the road is a given. Flexibility across systems, combined with hardware independence, ensures these are future-proof for new features – even on the installed base without the need for shop visits. The automotive OEM enjoys lower lifetime costs and improved monetization, for example by updating new features, and the ability to provide third-party services and applications.

Vehicle to Anything (V2x, V2C, V2V)

Data Drives Value. aicas’ solutions bridge the edge to the cloud. Providing the right data at the right time to the right place, while ensuring full software lifecycle management: vehicle-to-cloud, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-x. Managing multiple in-vehicle interfaces and meeting requirements of multiple data consumers – always considering GDPR and data ownership – was never easier. aicas’ device management offers full software configuration management. Its data processing capabilities enable simplicity of data flow management, modularity, updateability for installed fleets, openness, and interconnectivity. All without having to write a single line of code.


We help you drastically reduce time to market, without compromising security. Our middleware and embedded development kits for managing connected and autonomous functions and services, enable you to maintain security for the lifetime of your application with OTA software update and maintenance. Our solutions enable you to protect the functions and service you roll out today and keep you prepared as safety, regulatory, and business-driven requirements evolve. We provide the tools for targeted and detailed control, whether for new automotive functionality, critical fleet management updates, addressing system malfunctions, or defending against application intrusions.

aicas - A Strategic Software Partner

The software-driven transformation requires strategic and technological software partnerships. aicas has a strong foothold in automotive as a partner delivering value across the automotive software value chain. Our solutions have powered the transportation sector for nearly 20 years, and they are preparing customers for the future. From improving the in-vehicle user experience, to supporting the deployment and lifetime management of third-party microservices and transportation applications, aicas provides solutions for secure mobility.

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a secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for car head units and In-vehicle infotainment systems.

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aicas EdgeSuite running AWS Wavelength for low latency 5G use cases


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