aicas Edge Device Portal​

Manage Applications on Edge Devices Flexibly via Cloud ​


Remotely Manage, Control, and Update Systems Anytime

Software and applications are constantly evolving. Edge devices must be maintained, updated, or added on the fly without disrupting operational readiness, critical processes, or security. Managing fleets of heterogeneous devices in multiple locations is highly complex and requires transparent administration.


Flexible Dynamic Software Deployment with Simplified Application Lifecycle Management

aicas Edge Device Portal simplifies complexity and application management of multiple edge devices via a single, user-friendly portal. This cloud-based solution provides unified access and secure management of heterogeneous embedded edge devices, including the software installed on them. Its configurable, role-based access saves time and enables secure and easy creation, deployment, and monitoring of high-quality software. Software deployment and application lifecycle management facilitate the safe replacement of components during system runtime, thus enabling highly dynamic and flexible systems.

/ Key Capabilities

What EDP Empowers

Over-the-air updates during runtime

Automated dependency management

Automated environments for staging, testing, and release

Integrated toolchain off-loads build processes into the cloud

Automated jobs and tasks to scale to thousands of devices

Customizable RBA to align with existing processes

/ EDP Users

Who benefits from EDP?

System Integrators

Benefit from easy integration of EDP into existing CI/CD pipelines and having an easy-to-use tool for deploying software to small embedded devices that integrates well with their existing ecosystem.

Embedded Developers

Benefit from the ability to easily test software during development by deploying software to simulated and real devices with just a few clicks. This saves time and improves the overall software quality.

QA Engineers

Benefit from integrating a test suite within EDP that automatically runs tests before software is ready to be deployed. This not only eliminates manual steps, but also ensures that a customized set of tests will always run on every piece of software that leaves EDP.

/ Benefits

Streamline your processes. Boost Efficiency with one Central Portal.

Discover how you can benefit from EDP’s remarkable flexibility, which simplifies software deployment and streamlines application lifecycle management, allowing your organization to quickly adapt to changing needs. Experience a more agile and efficient way to manage your applications with one central portal:

/ Control the Entire Lifecycle

Central Management of Remote Software

Control the runtime lifecycle by installing, running, stopping, and uninstalling components on the device. EDP facilitates lifecycle management of each software artefact, from development to operation on the target system. Three sequential phases separate development, testing, release, and deployment.

/ Everything at a Glance

Ongoing Overview of Device Status

Stay on top of things with a central, cloud-based portal. A live view shows you the general status of all remote edge devices and all their information, including installed software and configuration.

/ Highest Device Security

Best-in-Class Security for all Devices

EDP ensures maximum security by not only applying the latest measures to connectivity and storage, but also to the creation and execution of the software itself.

/ Flexible Applications

Scale up as the Business Expands

System requirements evolve and change over time. With EDP, you can easily and flexibly optimise your application for changing purposes and goals at any time. Your system grows with you into a bright future.

Reviewed and Approved by AWS

The aicas Edge Device Portal has been evaluated and approved by AWS and is now qualified software to run on AWS cloud services.

/ Customization

Tailor aicas EDP to Your Needs

Easily customize the Edge Device Portal through role-based access. Add any device to view versioning and device status, and securely replace software components as needed.

/ Use Case Example

Intelligent Automation and Data Security in Smart Warehouses

This use case showcases an integrated solution for smart warehousing, addressing data integrity, and cybersecurity challenges.

Developed collaboratively by KUNBUS, Swissbit, AWS, Klika Tech, and aicas, the solution utilizes smart shelving, AWS IoT Services, and hardware security modules for centralized data management and realtime visibility.

By combining automation and robust security measures, the solution optimizes efficiency, enhances security, and facilitates rapid development, leading to significant cost savings and revolutionizing logistics operations.

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Key Features

  • DevOps Integration

    EDP extends the DevOps pipeline concept to fleets of devices, thus perfectly complementing existing CI/CD toolchains such as Jenkins or GitLab CI/CD. Thanks to the familiarity of EDP's concepts, developers and engineers quickly feel at ease with it.

    Three environments are available: development, staging, and release. In the development phase, modified artifacts are versioned in EDP and can be deployed to specific development devices for testing. The artifacts then move on to the staging phase, in which tests can be executed automatically, such as API conformance, potential error checking, dangerous method usage, and more. Once all tests are completed successfully, the artifact automatically enters the release phase, where it is ready for production devices.

  • Dependency Management

    Version and dependency management of software artifacts is a central concept of EDP. It can identify the dependencies of individual artifacts, as well as the feature groups they form, and automatically check, resolve, and deliver all dependencies during deployment.

  • Software Repository

    For fast and easy deployment, the aicas Edge Device Portal enables storage and management of all software components directly within the platform.

  • Automated Testing

    All software components destined for deployment can be tested automatically as they move through the deployment pipeline. These tests can be configured independently and are restricted by role-based access.

  • Software Deployment

    EDP provides various deployment options that can be automated for recurring jobs. During deployment, EDP takes care of all dependencies and resolves them while also supporting the deployment of multiple versions of the same software component.

/ Product Portfolio

The Solution Within the aicas Ecosystem

EDP extends the aicas ecosystem with a tool for managing edge applications via the cloud. Among other technologies, EDP enables the deployment of software bundles on the modular software platform JamaicaAMS. The main advantages of using JamaicaAMS as a deployment target is the full portability of the software artifacts, which do not need to be adapted for another system. Thus, they can be developed independently from the system and distributed to many heterogeneous devices if needed. Secondly, this combination allows guarantees on the execution of the software components that provide robustness to the level of being able to control realtime applications. Taking full advantage of JamaicaVM, EDP complements the data management portal EDG to create highly dynamic, robust, and controllable solutions with impressive measures to make data effective.
Product Portfolio aicas EdgeSuite (short)