Avionics Certification Standards

RTCA and EUROCAE Standards for Software in Avionics

RTCA and EUROCAE have accepted the work of SC-205/WG-12 to update the standards for software in avionics.  This includes both ground and airborne software.  The new standards are designated DO-178C and DO-278A by the RTCA and ED-12A and ED-109A by EUROCAE respectively.  The standards include three supplements:

  • DO-331 / ED-216 Model-Based Design and Verification Supplement,
  • DO-332 / ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology and Related Techniques Supplement, and
  • DO-333 / ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement

Additional documents include

  • DO-248C / ED-94C Supporting Information for DO-178C and DO-278A and
  • DO-330 / ED-215 Software Tools Qualification Considerations.

DO-332 / ED-217 is particular relevant, since it provides guidelines for using object-oriented languages, including deterministic garbage collection for avionics software.  This makes it possible to use JamaicaVM for such system.  This supplement was written by SG-5, where Dr. James J. Hunt was both a major contributor and the European Co-chair during plenary approval.

More infos at RTCA and EUROCAE.