aicas EdgeSuite

Easily create, deploy, and operate cloud to edge solutions

aicas EdgeSuite simplifies how to develop, deploy and operate cloud-to-edge solutions. The family of products connects devices via edge to the cloud. It provides developers and data analysts full access and management of logic and data. It enables to manage full lifecycle of large fleets of devices or different IoT edge systems with ONE single, comprehensive while open system unifying your fleet of devices into a single environment.

Manage today’s and future edge business challenges! aicas EdgeSuite.

Handle full lifecycle of your software management with one single system

Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Reduce complexity

With the amount of edge devices accelerating, the complexity of platforms, standards, protocols, operating systems and hardware keeps increasing.

aicas EdgeSuite reduces complexity.

  • It enables to manage a single device or even large fleets of devices via one system.
  • It reduces risks due to the variety of supported heterogeneous environments, platforms, standards, protocols, and operating systems.
  • It offers flexibility by supporting different runtimes.

Reduce efforts for development and management

aicas EdgeSuite enables cloud software developers to easily develop, deploy and manage Industrial IoT edge systems. The suite of products shortens time to market of a system and simplifies its scaling and lifecycle management.

This is made possible by aicas EdgeSuites’ wide variety of functionalities – including software, lifecycle management, and intelligent data management. It enables comprehensive handling of IoT edge systems from no-code to full-code. Fast. Simple. Reliable.



  • Reduces time to market
  • Rapid over-the-air updates
  • Low latency
  • Fast response time
  • Decentralized data processing directly on the devices
  • Fast prototyping



  • High usability due to widgets, graphical dashbords
  • Less complexity: manage variety of supported devices, systems, and environments
  • Easy coding: pre-built core components and no-code functionality
  • Easy access to data: operational tasks that can be done by data manager



  • Proven system (20 years)
  • Reliable results to support even critical applications
  • High security and full ownership of all data coming and going to edge devices
  • Proven aicas runtime adapted for the edge, realtime and application
  • Management system (AMS) functionalities
  • Support of own and 3rd party standards-based runtimes

Vision becomes reality.

Use cases giving ideas for divers applications

Autonomous driving, smart city, industry 4.0… aicas’ EdgeSuite enables versatile applications. Here you can find examples how aicas supports your embedded software or IoT solution connecting edge to cloud.

The heart of EdgeSuite: Main components

aicas EdgeSuite consists of three distinct components:



Abstract and unify your IoT applications from the underlying platforms in order to place and run your code on almost any hardware architectures and operating systems with low latency.



Is the glue that keeps everything together. It takes care of messaging, data routing, configuration, provisioning and much more.



Is the portal to the EdgeSuite. There you can manage everything that happens inside and outside of the EdgeSuite - in a modern and easy to use graphical user interface.

Feature List

  • Flow-based to full coding logic creation
  • Logic placement anywhere from right on the device to the cloud – dependent on the architecture and use case
  • Deep vehicle access: Video “Automotive smart data access demonstration”
  • Widgets and preconfigured dashboards
  • Device management
  • Development portal with CI/CD and automation
  • Cloud-based user experience
  • Open APIs to connect anything
  • Support of containers, like Docker, virtual machines, like OpenJDK or JamaicaVM, etc.
  • Support of broad range of systems, from Android, via (RT) Linux systems, FreeRTOS to VxWorks and QNX
  • IDE integration

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