Realtime and Embedded Specification for Java

An essential refinement of Java for time-critical applications.

/ About the RTSJ

The RTSJ is an essential refinement of Java semantics and libraries for safety-critical applications plus additional APIs to support realtime and embedded programming. It provides APIs for defining realtime threads and event handlers with realtime priorities above the standard 10 Java priorities, interacting with devices, handling POSIX signals, asynchronous transfer of control, enforcing resource limits, and scope-based memory management. The RTSJ provides a means of writing and testing memory-safe time-critical applications efficiently.

/ Specification

RTSJ 2.0 Documentation

RTSJ 2.0

Rosetta Edition (15 July 2024)

/ For Evaluation

Reference Implementation

The RTSJ Reference Implementation is free for non-commercial use. Fill out this form to download it or request access for commercial use, research or to compare it to other RTSJ 2 implementations.

/ For Implementers

Technical Compatibility Kit

The RTSJ Technical Compatibility Kit is for implementers. Fill out this form to download it or request access for commercial implementations or research.

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