Enter a New World of Smart Data-Driven Insights

aicas, in collaboration with AWS, MathWorks, and NXP, enables easy access to deep vehicle data

From engineers to product managers and marketing experts, the future of decision-making lies in realtime data. In the automotive industry, vehicle data plays a crucial role for the success of future product development, operations, and business models.

aicas, together with AWS, MathWorks, and NXP developed a readily available solution with a visual, no-code approach. Jointly, they provide an end-to-end solution for intelligent access to deep vehicle data.

Access to the right data means added value

Vehicle data can be powerful, yet enormous at the same time. With the software-defined vehicle, access to the right data means added value:

  • External: You know more about your customers and their product usage.
    Value: You can provide targeted services, offers, and open sales opportunities.

  • Internal: You know more about your products and you can rely on facts for internal decisions and supervision.
    Value: Identify issues before they impact your customers, optimize products, reduce operational costs, and prioritize future features.

  • You know more than your competitors.
    Value: Competitive advantage.

  • New services, selling anonymized data to data users, selling features to consumers.
    Value: Leveraging value from data in the form of direct monetization. Focusing on monetization throughout the vehicle life-cycle through recurring revenues from monthly subscriptions, such as those for premium connectivity services and paid over-the-air (OTA) upgrades.

  • Reduce complexity with unification and simplification
    Value: De-couple your development efforts from data capturing and change data flows without a single line of code needing to be changed, anytime on any connected vehicle. Connect with any cloud system or multiple cloud systems at the same time.

A multi-functional solution fit for a connected world

Vehicle data is extremely diverse and the challenges vary from selecting the right data to easy access to specific data from any remote location, up to selecting and processing the data efficiently without needing programming skills. The solution helps to streamline and accelerate vehicle data usage for advanced, realtime vehicle monitoring, machine learning training, digital twin, and other data-driven, automotive OEM operations.

With access to deep vehicle data insights, OEMs will be able to...

drive machine learning training

create the fully software-defined vehicle

improve lifecycle management

empower digital twins

monitor vehicles and support advanced vehicle health management

monitor vehicle fleets to uncover issues or opportunities for improvement

create business opportunities based on your data-driven operations

improve customer experience

display graphical dashboards to visualize vehicles in realtime

Automotive Smart Data Access Demonstration

Curt Hillier, Technical Director Automotive Solutions at NXP Semiconductors, leads through a demo, and one thing becomes clear: the partnering companies unlock a new world of data-driven opportunities to provide easy access to deep vehicle data.

Watch Demo Video →

Data Access Means Knowledge Advantage

Data provided by the solution unlocks the value of vehicle data to support automotive engineering, data scientists, product managers, fleet operations, mobility services, marketing, and many more data-driven disciplines. Manufacturers will also know more about their products and can rely on facts for internal decisions and supervision. Marketers find out more about their customers and their product usage and can provide targeted services, offers, and open sales opportunities.

A Combination of Expertise

The solution is a collaborative effort between aicas, AWS, MathWorks, and NXP. The solution harnesses two flagship aicas products: aicas EdgeSuite and JamaicaCAR. EdgeSuite provides developers and data analysts with full access to and management of logic and data, while JamaicaCAR enables automakers to efficiently deploy and manage in-vehicle applications for intelligent functions and connected services.

The Solution: How it Works

Creating new data streams can be done from a laptop/computer and pushed to the vehicle remotely without compromising vehicle safety or security. This environment allows to capture any data that is available to the connected vehicle gateway through in-vehicle networks. We can then access and process this data and transport it securely to the desired destination.

The NXP GoldBox platform provides a service-oriented gateway reference design that provides central access to vehicle-wide data. With its ability to interface with networks across the vehicle and process data in realtime, along with secure cloud connectivity, it is an ideal platform to support remote vehicle-wide data access from the cloud. The GoldBox runs a Linux® operating system that executes an aicas-powered AWS IoT Greengrass V2 based runtime. Other runtimes are available, if needed, to support commonly-used automotive operating systems. This runtime allows you to add capabilities such as OTA updates and no-code to full-code logic creation, depending on your individual needs. The no-code capability will allow your developers to focus on bringing a system online, while your data scientists or business analysts can capture the data they need when they need it.

Besides the runtime, aicas offers functionality that allows to create these data flows and deploy them to the desired vehicles. This component also manages role-based access as well as the forwarding of messages via MQTT. Via a portal, which is what we are displaying on the screens here, you can create, modify, or delete dataflows and create dashboards for the data. The system is built in a way that allows you to connect via standards based open interfaces with your data lake, your CRM, or any other business or cloud system you want to connect to.

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