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aicas EdgeSuite

aicas EdgeSuite simplifies how to create, deploy and operate cloud-to-edge solutions. The family of products connects devices via edge to the cloud. It enables to manage full lifecycle of large fleets of devices or different IoT edge systems with ONE single, comprehensive while open system unifying your fleet of devices into a single environment.
aicas’ Java-based framework enables developers to run and manage programs on any device or operating system with optimized Garbage collection: the power to continuously search and dispose of unused memory to ensure the multitude of simultaneous apps that control vehicle functions can operate uninterrupted.
JamaicaCAR is a secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for car head units and In-vehicle infotainment systems.

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    Our plugin allows developers to use JamaicaVM as a Java runtime environment in Eclipse, enabling them to develop and launch realtime applications as easy and convenient as a normal Java program.

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    Version: 8.9 · 8.8 · 8.7 · 8.6 · 8.5 · 8.3 · 8.2 · 8.1 · 8.0