aicas Partner Solutions

aicas Partner Solutions

Whether it is a global market leader or a local startup: innovation comes from collaboration. With our top class partners, we reach the full potential in developing and delivering innovative cloud-to-edge solutions.

Partner Solution AWS Wavelength

aicas' answer to extremely low latency requirements

aicas EdgeSuite on AWS Wavelength enables edge developers to quickly develop, deploy and operate low latency cloud-to-edge solutions based on the AWS Wavelength 5G mobile edge computing product. It can be applied in many different low latency use cases where customers want to provide shorter response times – especially when every millisecond counts but devices are not powerful enough to manage the full workload.

Partner Solution AWS Greengrass

aicas on AWS. Bringing Greengrass to more devices

aicas and AWS are collaborating to bring AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 to more devices. aicas provides a wide range of hardware and operating system support. In addition, aicas enables the running of AWS Greengrass 2.0 with a smaller footprint, while providing more integration capabilities, security, and scalability. With AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 running on JamaicaVM, customers can reduce hardware spendings while receiving the full benefits of running on realtime operating systems or any other operating system JamaicaVM supports. This way, reuseability across platforms and simple portability are ensured.

Partner Solution Phoenix Contact Store

aicas and Phoenix Contact unlock Industrial IoT with first all-in-one controller and software

Phoenix Contact and aicas are reducing the barriers for a quick Industrial IoT implementation. With an EdgeSuite runtime on the Phoenix Contact programmable logic IoT controller, data managers can use flow-based or full code-based development to optimize their data collection. Especially for developing machine learning or predictive maintenance capabilities, getting the right data or changing data sets is key. This is exactly where the combination of the EdgeSuite provides maximum utility for developers. The runtime is available on the PLCnext store.

aicas Partner Program

Become an aicas partner!

Reach your full potential in developing and delivering innovative cloud-to-edge solutions! The aicas Partner Program brings together an ecosystem of compatible technology, services and sales firms with a program that enables them to deliver additional product capabilities and generate incremental revenue with aicas’ technology.