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Living on the Edge?
Current IoT market friction issues

aicas asked – IT experts all over the world answered.

aicas wanted to get deeper insights into the importance of IoT market friction issues. The software company held many discussions with customers and just recently ran a market study across different countries and market segments with more than 650 IoT practitioners to get some more data on the challenges customers are facing in the edge computing space.

Do you know what technology is the right one today or the right one tomorrow?

Well, you do not. Just ask any automotive executive what their world looks like today being disrupted by a now 18 year old company called Tesla.

We wanted to find out more about Technology Uncertainty and asked the people who are dealing with IoT every day.

Based on a very recent market research we conducted across different countries and market segments we are currently working on a big reveal that will show main IoT market frictions issues.

This research will give you brand new perspectives on the future of IoT and Edge computing.

Sneak Preview

Market Frictions

We asked IoT experts about their view on the following topics:

We asked the participants to rank the 10 frictions and provide us additional information around this. With a total of 657 respondents, we can segment these into 5 distinct groups with different leading frictions. Important to note is that all of the respondents ranked security very highly which is why you find this in all of the segments presented here.

Segmentation based on the Market Friction Research

Bridging IT/OT

    • IT/OT Divide: 85%
    • Security: 53%
    • Latency: 29%


    • Security: 83%
    • Fragmentation: 47%
    • Availability of Resources: 23%

Data Backhaul

    • Selecting Data: 76%
    • Changing Data: 50%
    • Security: 49%


    • Scalability: 100%
    • Security: 62%
    • IT/OT Divide: 30%

Moving Logic

    • Logic Location: 95%
    • Security: 51%
    • Availability of Resources: 41%

Should you be interested in receiving more details on the data we presented, we will publish more of this on our social media accounts and will also run a webinar as well as publishing a fully written up study of these findings. Should you be interested to receive more information please register.

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