Takeaways From the COVESA All Member Meeting

aicas Engages in Shaping the Future of Connected Vehicles Around the Globe

aicas attended the recent COVESA All Member Meeting and Showcase, held October 10-12 in the Detroit area. This multi-day gathering brought together automotive tech leaders and their teams, both members and non-members, to join forces and create value around data and connectivity from today’s vehicles to the future landscape of transportation and mobility.

Over the three days, experts in various automotive software domains gathered in workshops, presentations, and tech sessions to explore emerging challenges and opportunities around the software-driven future of the global automotive industry. At the heart of these discussions lay the rapid evolution of next-generation vehicles towards software-defined vehicle (SDV) architectures, requiring standards and unification. Here are some takeaways from the event from Dr. James J. Hunt, CTO of aicas, and members of his team.

  1. Common Architectures With Common Standards
    The shift towards software-defined architectures offers substantial advantages. Establishing common communication models that can be shared across platforms and suppliers, is paramount for expediting development and streamlining costs throughout the supply chain. Standardized vehicle interfaces promote seamless integration, interoperability, and cost-effective data exchange within the global automotive industry.
  2. Activities to Support Standardization
    COVESA’s expert groups focus on standardizing vehicle interfaces and advancing common specifications for data interoperability, such as the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS). aicas is well positioned to contribute to these initiatives and actively participate in shaping key interoperability standards. The aicas team has already demonstrated how VSS can be leveraged in vehicle applications by dynamically adding VSS concepts into its products.
  3. Key Factor: Data Acquisition and Data Selection
    In his presentation titled “Integrating VSS With Automotive Systems: Aligning Data Collection With Business Requirements,” Dr. James Hunt, CTO and CEO of aicas, emphasized that VSS provides a solid standard for modeling and naming sensor and actuator data in vehicles, but does not define what type of data should be collected and when. Dr Hunt presented current options for dynamically adapting data acquisition and data selection strategies to align with evolving business objectives.

aicas’ New Product Demo “Role-Based Vehicle Data Processing”
During the COVESA Showcase & Reception, the aicas team conducted live demonstrations, putting into practice the concepts discussed earlier in Dr Hunt’s presentation. The product demo, titled “Unlock the Value of Vehicle Data: Role-Based Data Processing,” showcased efficient methods for selecting and capturing vehicle data without the need for extensive programming. It exemplified aicas’ dedication to providing simplified user experiences and enabling seamless and targeted data collection from vehicles.

Applying adaptive and secure methods for selecting and delivering vehicle data is the cornerstone of software-defined vehicle development. At the event, representatives from major OEMs emphasized the importance of new technology platforms to make vehicles more dynamic than ever before. aicas is proud to lend its experience to COVESA’s expert groups, working together to achieve these goals for a seamless transition to the next-generation vehicle.

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