Data Security in Smart Warehouses

A Secure and Integrated Solution from Swissbit, Kunbus and aicas

Data security is one of the biggest challenges in the implementation of Smart Warehousing. In modern intra-logistics, nothing works without data-driven software solutions. Data analysis is essential for strategic business decisions and the analysis of all units of goods, information, and products. Data-driven warehouses are the answer to the evolution of the logistics industry and the needs of its players. As technology advances, data visibility is a must. Visibility is critical and software solutions must update and store data in realtime.  

Secure and Integrated Solutions from Industry Experts

At the Hannover Messe 2023, technology companies Kunbus, Swissbit, and aicas presented a joint project for intelligent warehouse data security. A secure and integrated solution from industry experts that combines automation with the highest level of security. Data warehouse automation streamlines the continuous centralization of data from multiple sources in one place and in a consolidated data model to facilitate analysis and reporting.

Several areas within smart warehousing require security measures, including communication against hackers, internal and external data security, vulnerabilities in the connected factory, data integrity in automation, encryption mechanisms, and material system/inventory management.

Data-Driven Software Solutions for Efficient Operations and Strategic Decision-Making

“We used a customer example to demonstrate how to secure a smart warehouse,” said Dr. James H. Hunt, CTO and CEO of aicas. “Within an automated warehouse system, data needs to be securely sent from the smart shelf to a dashboard via the cloud, which in this use case is AWS.”

The solution involved the use of smart shelving for efficient load unit handling, data management through aicas JamaicaIOT, and hardware security modules (HSM) provided by Swissbit. Data was visualized in realtime, including inventory lists and tracking of who took what, ensuring clear and immediate access for the user. Fast and proven integration and access to live data are at the heart of this simple but smart solution from the experts.

Slides from Hannovermesse 2023

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