CES 2022 Unveiling – aicas, AWS, MathWorks, and NXP Enable Easy Access to Deep Vehicle Data

Karlsruhe/Germany – At CES 2022, aicas, AWS, MathWorks, and NXP unlock a new world of data-driven opportunities to provide easy access to deep vehicle data.  The collaborative solution enables OEMs to obtain diverse vehicle insights cost-effectively with a visual, no-code approach using an end-to-end, smart data access solution. The solution can unlock the value of vehicle data to support automotive engineering, data scientists, product managers, fleet operations, mobility services, marketing, and many more data-driven disciplines.

The future of the automotive industry lies in software-defined vehicles.  Vehicle data plays a crucial role for the success of future product development, operations, and business models, but it has not been readily available for the automotive industry to realize its full potential.  Especially for data-driven vehicles, the challenges vary from having access to the vehicle-wide data, selecting the right data, having the ability to combine and process data in the vehicle and the cloud, easy access to specific data from any remote location, up to selecting and processing the data efficiently without needing programming skills.

Why is Having Deep Knowledge of the Vehicle Data so Important?

“With the software-defined vehicle, access to the right data means added value”, says Johannes M. Biermann, President of aicas.  “Companies know more about their customers and their product usage and are therefore in a position to provide targeted services, offers and open sales opportunities.”

Manufacturers also know more about their products and can rely on facts for internal decisions and supervision.  They can identify issues before they impact the customers, optimize products, reduce operational costs, and prioritize future features.  When it comes to their competitors, companies who have deep insights to their data have competitive advantages by uncovering patterns, repetitions, trends, and causal relationships that create potential and differentiation from their competitors.

The Solution: Data Access and Selection

The amount of vehicle data is enormous and continues to grow amid more sensors and a software-defined vehicle data generation.  Vehicle data is also extremely diverse.  It is not feasible to send all the data from every vehicle to the cloud.  The transmission, processing and storage costs are too high.

With the combination of expertise from aicas, AWS, MathWorks, and NXP, the collaboration has addressed the vision of having access to deep vehicle insights from across a vehicle fleet, including production vehicles.  

“A visual, no-code approach to deliver key vehicle data to broad data consumers is a differentiated and powerful capability,” said Brian Carlson, global marketing director for vehicle control and networking solutions at NXP. “The solution will help streamline and accelerate vehicle data usage for advanced, real-time vehicle monitoring, machine learning training, digital twin models and many other data-driven, automotive OEM operations.”

How it Works

Creating new data streams can be done from a laptop/computer and pushed to the vehicle remotely, without compromising vehicle safety or security.  This environment allows to capture any data that is available to the connected vehicle gateway.  Through in-vehicle networks, we can access and process the data and transport it securely to the desired destination.

Please find all technical information and data screens here: https://www.nxp.com/SmartDataAccess

The joint solution from NXP, aicas, AWS, and MathWorks provides access, selection and the transfer of data in a simple, efficient, graphical way.  The solution creates the basis for successfully handling the transformation to software-defined vehicles.

Real-time data dashboards

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