JamaicaVM is a hard realtime Java bytecode-based Virtual Machine, with fully deterministic and preemptable garbage collection. JamaicaVM has been optimized for use in critical embedded platforms. It allows the user to port J2SE - Java Standard Edition - code on virtually any 32&64 bit platforms with much improved quality and reliability of application code based on a reduced software development cycle. JamaicaVM support the OpenJDK extensively.


  • Run your Java Code on Embedded with no Change

    Design standard Java code, run it and focus on your application specifics - not on platform specifics

  • Be in Control of the Optimization of your Code

    Delivered set of tools that allows fine tuning of performance of your code onto the embedded machine

  • Move your code on (m)any Hardware

    A large variety of embedded-grade RTOS and processors supported

  • Safe, Secure and Realtime

    Technology is hard-realtime and deterministic by design, making even most stringent safety and security features doable

  • Reduce Cost

    Keep your edge hardware compact and deploy software on resource stringent hardware


  • Eclipse plugin
  • Support of OpenJDK libraries
  • Java Standard Edition compliance
  • Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) cross-compiler
  • Native support of Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)
  • Support of dynamic loading
  • Deterministic and realtime Garbage Collector achieving schedule preemption latencies of few µs
  • Deterministic realtime Java bytecode programming language for a complete hardware abstraction
  • Hard Realtime down to 10μs with preemptive scheduling
  • Safety certifiable
  • ARM, Intel and PPC hardware support
  • Extended Operating System support included RTOS: QNX, WindRiver, Linux, Windows, etc
  • Complete cross-compilation toolset, including trace analysis and emulation
  • Full hardware abstraction
  • Small memory footprints by use of compaction techniques
  • Multicore support


JamaicaVM Data Sheet


JamaicaVM Evaluation Download

JamaicaVM Eclipse Plugin Download