Milestone: aicas Software Connects 25 Million Devices

Karlsruhe, Germany

aicas, an international high-tech company, announced today that their software solutions now connect more than 25 million embedded edge devices to the cloud. Various industrial companies, car manufacturers and their suppliers are successfully using aicas for their embedded IoT and cloud-to-edge solutions. 4 of the 5 largest automotive manufacturers rely in some form on aicas. The company founded in in Karlsruhe in 2001 has a deep history of bridging challenging and diverse edge and cloud technology environments.

25 million devices is a substantial number – how do they do it?

The embedded, connected IIoT and automotive world is getting more and more complex. Thousands of platforms and systems need to be monitored and connected to scale and power new business models where efficient software life-cycle management and access to data are key. This is where aicas comes in.

aicas´ solutions reduce complexity and support a broad range of applications. Realtime capabilities, lowest latency performance, as well as a tiny footprint primed for the thin edge, allow the company to support the most challenging, even mission-critical operating environments. aicas provides support for a variety of edge systems. The flexible, open, standards-based products easily connect with most existing cloud providers, operating systems and hardware. The experts for embedded enable clients to unlock the ever-growing streams of data that devices are sending to the cloud. This opens up incredible potential for customers to generate added value from data for their operations or lines of business.

Use cases: From planes to forklifts to self-driving cars

aicas use cases range from connected car, IIoT, medical devices, planes, and helicopters to manufacturing, high precision measurement devices all the way to on- and offroad vehicles. aicas software products can be found in 4 out of 5 automotive companies whether as part of an infotainment system or a telematics control unit. aicas´ solutions can also be found in Programmable Logic Controllers and SCADA systems for automated manufacturing. The company has formed partnerships with cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Google and RedHat.

About aicas

aicas embraces the mission to bring intelligence to devices and unlock realtime data for clients. Headquartered in Germany, aicas is an international high-tech company creating embedded IoT and edge-to-cloud solutions that run securely and open up new business models and processes across cloud and edge infrastructures. Across the globe, aicas software solutions connect over 25 million devices and vehicles to most existing cloud providers, operating systems and hardware. Large industrial companies as well as leading automotive manufacturers use aicas EdgeSuite and JamaicaVM to access and control edge devices and their data, as well as to augment all physical things through intelligent logic.  aicas partners with technology leaders such as AWS, Google, Red Hat, NXP, microchip, Bosch, SiFive, and others to offer tailored and leading edge embedded software solutions. Creating, deploying and operating edge-to-cloud solutions: aicas makes it happen. Fast. Simple. Reliable.

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