aicas Joins Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA)

Karlsruhe, Germany, March 02, 2023 – aicas, an international high-tech company, today announced its membership in the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA), solidifying its presence in the automotive industry for over two decades. With this membership, aicas will further its commitment to advancing the development of software integrations enabling new digital use cases and data-driven solutions for the automotive sector. 

COVESA is a global, member-driven alliance focused on developing open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems, resulting in a more sustainable, diverse, and integrated mobility ecosystem.  

aicas provides customized mission critical edge computing solutions which have long proven themselves in the global automotive industry, combining broad automotive business experience with deep technology expertise. Aicas` automotive software solutions bring intelligence to the vehicle edge, unlocking the value of real-time data from the growing edge computing and telematics capabilities in the car. 

The membership in COVESA will combine aicas’ software and automotive expertise with the capabilities and teams of some of the largest OEMs as well as first tier OS, middleware, hardware, and service suppliers. In collaboration with COVESA members aicas is addressing challenges in the automotive software future, such as achieving cost efficiencies in software development and deployment, with secure over-the-air updates, and platformization to scale, and create value from vehicle data for monetization, often referred to as data-as-a-service. 

“As a long-time automotive software supplier, we are proud to contribute to the digital software revolution in the vehicle space by being part of the global COVESA network and working alongside distinguished firms like Bosch, BMW Group, Ford Motor Company or Wind River to shape the future technologies of connected vehicles and the mobility ecosystem,” said Dr. James J. Hunt, founder, CEO and CTO of aicas. “We look forward to contributing to the VSS implementations with our edge-to-cloud solutions in the working groups and discussing best practices to develop even better solutions for the future of global transportation.” 

“We appreciate aicas as a new COVESA member” says Steve Crumb, Executive Director at COVESA. “COVESA’s scope extends from inside the vehicle to the cloud and aicas’ software solutions connect a wide range of embedded edge devices and vehicles to the cloud. Like other COVESA members, aicas has a strong foothold in the automotive industry as a partner that delivers value across the automotive software value chain. COVESA looks forward to aicas’ contributions validated by their longevity in the industry and their experience delivering data-driven solutions for the automotive sector.”

About COVESA: 
The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA), formerly known as the GENIVI Alliance, is a global, member-driven alliance focused on the development of open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems, resulting in a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem. The Alliance provides its members with a global development community joining automotive software stakeholders with world-class developers in a collaborative environment, resulting in open source standards. To learn more about COVESA, visit

About aicas: 
aicas embraces the mission to bring intelligence to devices and unlock realtime data for clients.  Headquartered in Germany, aicas is an international high-tech company creating embedded IoT and edge-to-cloud solutions that run securely and open up new business models and processes across cloud and edge infrastructures. Across the globe, aicas software solutions connect nearly 30 million devices and vehicles to most existing cloud providers, operating systems and hardware. Large industrial companies as well as leading automotive manufacturers use aicas EdgeSuite solutions such as JamaicaCAR and JamaicaVM to access and control edge devices and their data, as well as to augment all physical things through intelligent logic.  aicas partners with technology leaders such as AWS, Google, Red Hat, or NXP, and others to offer tailored and leading edge embedded software solutions. Creating, deploying and operating edge-to-cloud solutions: aicas makes it happen. Fast. Simple. Reliable. 

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Press contact COVESA: 
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