Recap AutoTech: Detroit and Informa Tech Automotive Awards

AutoTech: Detroit once again provided a comprehensive platform for industry professionals, researchers and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and innovations in automotive technology. We look forward to reshaping the automotive industry with our software solutions.

Here is a summary of our key takeaways from AutoTech: Detroit 2023

  • Connectivity and the software-defined vehicle were top themes at AutoTech Detroit 2023 (who would have thought?)
  • Automakers are more willing than ever to get into the data exchange business. That means: With more software comes more data that needs to be stored and managed securely.
  • The complexity and variety of in-vehicle software continues to grow exponentially. The only way to manage this is to limit complexity. The number of versions of functions must be reduced.
  • Platforming enables automakers to develop scalable solutions that can be easily deployed across multiple vehicle models and variants. The benefits of platforming are many and are reshaping the automotive industry.
  • Reuse across platforms, computing units, ECUs, domain controllers, vehicle models and vehicle lines must become the credo of software architecture.
  • OTA serviceability: With the increasing complexity of automotive software, the ability to update and service vehicles remotely has become critical.
  • Smart cockpit: Intelligent automotive digital cockpits will be one of the next-gen user experiences in the car.

“And the Oscar goes to…”

Almost as exciting as the famous movie awards ceremony was the Informa Tech Automotive Awards, where we met inspiring leaders, innovative companies, and talked about groundbreaking products and services.

aicas President and COO Johannes Biermann had the honor of presenting the “Automotive Inspiration of the Year (Over 30)”-award. The award recognizes the achievements of individuals and companies that are moving the automotive industry forward.  Nakul Duggal, senior vice president and general manager, Automotive at Qualcomm, was the lucky winner.