Oct 16 - 19 2023

EclipseCon 2023 

Meet aicas at EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg, Germany, October 16 – 19, 2023.

Community. Code. Collaboration. EclipseCon connects the Eclipse ecosystem and the industry’s leading minds to explore common challenges and innovate together on open source runtimes, tools, and frameworks for cloud and edge applications, IoT, artificial intelligence, connected vehicles and transportation, digital ledger technologies, and much more.

Join our Co-Founder, CEO and CTO, Dr. James Hunt for a session on:

Data Collection and IoT for Vehicles in Practice

Over a decade of experience has demonstrated the advantages of a managed lanaguage framework for in vehicle data collection and remote access. This experience is based use in more than 10 Million cars. The talk will cover how OSGi technology built on a realtime Java VM is an ideal data collection platform for IoT.

Or meet James Hunt for a one-on-one conversation. Email us to schedule a personal meeting!