Apr 25 - 27 2023

COVESA All Member Meeting 2023

Meet aicas at the COVESA All Member Meeting in Porto (Portugal) from April 25-27 for exciting discussions on the future of connected vehicles.

We are very much looking forward to networking with members, as well as non-members, passionate about the value of data and connectivity.

The colorful event program comprises keynotes, presentations, in-depth workshop sessions, and the popular member showcase and reception.

Dr. James J. Hunt (aicas CEO & CTO), Johannes Biermann (aicas President & COO), and Damiano Senese (aicas Software Engineer) will be on site and look forward to a fruitful exchange and knowledge sharing on thought leadership topics.

The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) is an open, collaborative and impactful technology alliance; accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles.