Welcome to aicas

Our Story

aicas was founded to provide businesses with a flexible, more efficient approach to embedded realtime application development. Over the course of two decades, we have expanded across industries to work with customers who now rely on our technologies as an integral part of more than 20 million embedded devices. aicas’ Java realtime Virtual Machine, JamaicaVM, continues to evolve into middleware and embedded software development kits (eSDK) enabling customers across the globe meet their specific business goals.

Our Purpose

We help our customers to get the maximum benefit from their data. We do this by providing an open platform for data collection and software management on devices. By connecting everything everywhere anytime, we ensure the right data gets to the right place at the right time. We build safety, robustness, and security into our products and services. Our customers own their data.

Provide embedded systems developers with long-term, flexible solutions that enable agile creation of connected products or processes. To lead industry organizations in development of the standards and processes that are guiding businesses toward efficient, business-oriented solutions to emerging challenges.

We continually refine our middleware and embedded software development kits (eSDK) to increase the flexibility and interoperability that enables embedded software developers to shorten development time and increase ROI.