JamaicaCAR is a secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for car head units and In-vehicle infotainment systems. It has the advantage of offering a growing number of apps and services to the users of the vehicle, while maintaining a small system memory footprint and lower power SoCs. Car makers and Tier-1 suppliers do not have to discard their legacy platform to add popular new apps and services with JamaicaCAR.


  • Versatile Application Framework
    Secure 3rd-party application execution, even critical applications, with a versatile framework that keeps people safety and reliability 1st choice
  • Move your Code on (m)Any Hardware
    A large variety of embedded-grade RTOS and Processors supported
  • Increase Revenue
    Create new services, manage your apps remotely and securely
  • Be in Control of the Design of your App
    A complete SDK and some performing tools allow a full control of the quality of your code before it is deployed on the ECU


  • Concurrent applications, scalable from 1 to 10’s of apps
  • Remote Life Cycle Management of functional modules based on OSGi-R6 Framework
  • Remote device management, configuration and monitoring
  • Fine-grained resource enforcement with per-bundle limits
  • Comprehensive support of CANbuses and wired&wireless connectivity
  • Secure end-to-end communication
  • Supports up-to-date security concepts: chain of trust, secure boot, TPM, encryption algorithms
  • Complete toolchain for signed-OSGi bundles
  • Robust operations with sand-box isolation
  • Deterministic realtime Java bytecode programming language for a complete hardware abstraction
  • Hard Realtime down to 10μs with preemptive scheduling
  • Safety certifiable
  • Acceleration by FPGA-enabled hardware
  • Extended Operating System support included RTOS: QNX, WindRiver, Linux, Windows, etc
  • Full featured SDK with runtime emulation
  • Full hardware abstraction
  • Small memory footprints by use of compaction techniques
  • Dynamic loading of ahead-of-time machine compiled Bundles


JamaicaCAR Data Sheet


JamaicaCAR SDK Download