TRISTAN—Together for RISc-V Technology and ApplicatioNs

aicas Provides Cloud Connectivity for Future Embedded Devices

Karlsruhe, Germany, 14 August 2023 – aicas is cooperating with renowned partners in the research project “TRISTAN” to further develop the European open-source RISC-V ecosystem. The EU-funded project aims to strengthen the RISC-V architecture in Europe to drive competitiveness and enable agile innovation. The aicas team adds to the project its expertise in connecting embedded devices to the cloud to enable remote management and supervision, improve data extraction and evaluation, and reduce costs for enterprises.

The three-year project TRISTAN (“Together for RISc-V Technology and ApplicatioNs”) is part of the European Commission’s strategy to support the digital transformation of all economic and societal sectors. This transformation includes the development of new semiconductor components such as processors, as these are considered essential for retaining technological and digital sovereignty. 

Open Standards, Scalability, and Security 

The overarching goal of TRISTAN is to expand and improve the European open-source ecosystem for the development of efficient and robust embedded systems in industry and commerce. Solutions to be developed include processors, peripheral IP, embedded software components, design tools, and methods for hardware development.  

A key element is the use of open standards for communication between embedded systems. They enable high compatibility between systems, flexibility, and scalability. Another important project goal is to improve the security of embedded systems through well-defined communication between systems. To this end, TRISTAN relies on state-of-the-art encryption technologies and security-relevant monitoring mechanisms. 

Renowned Partners Combine Their Expertise 

The TRISTAN consortium consists of 46 partners from industry (both large companies and SMEs), research institutes, universities, and RISC-V-related European industry associations. As a project partner, aicas is part of a renowned competence group along with semiconductor manufacturers and providers of specialized solutions for software toolchains and system software such as NXP, Infineon, Bosch, Thales, Siemens.  

The German consortium of the TRISTAN project focuses on the automotive industry and mobility as one of the core applications of the “Microelectronics” Framework Program and the “High-Tech Strategy 2025”. 

The Role of aicas 

As a software specialist, aicas brings to the table more than 20 years of experience with state-of-the-art edge computing solutions. Within the subproject “Connecting the RISC-V ecosystem to the cloud”, aicas works on software for industrial use cases to ease the development of future-proof devices. 

The aim is to connect RISC-V-based devices to the cloud via the Internet and to provide a control center in the cloud for remote maintenance, control, and monitoring of the devices. Software will be developed both for embedded devices and the cloud, and the overall architecture will ensure all components have the necessary functionality and interfaces. 

“As one of our project results, status information can be read out and evaluated centrally in the cloud, as is necessary for applications such as fleet management of vehicles and digital twins. In addition, RISC-V devices can receive control commands from the cloud and change their configuration accordingly. This enables seamless remote maintenance, control, and monitoring of devices in realtime”, explains aicas engineering manager Matthias Lötzke. 

Europe needs an open-source ecosystem to increase competitiveness and enable greater and more flexible innovation. “We are pleased to participate in the evolution of open-source ecosystems to facilitate future innovation based on common standards. Collaborative development strategies have proven to increase productivity and reduce development costs.”, says Dr. James Hunt, CEO and CTO of aicas.  

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TRISTAN: Together for RISC-V Technology and ApplicatioNs 
Grant agreement ID: 101095947  
Start date: 1 December 2022  
End date: 30 November 2025  
Total cost: € 54,371,711.93  
Coordination: NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH  
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