JamaicaVM Plugin for Eclipse IDE

A plug-in is available for the Open-Source development environment Eclipse which integrates the JamaicaVM tools into a powerful IDE.

Currently the plug-in allows you to use JamaicaVM as a Java runtime environment in Eclipse, enabling you to develop and launch Java real time applications as easy and convienient as a normal Java programm. The required virtual machine installations are managed automatically by the plug-in after usable JamaicaVM distributions have been configured. Limited debugging support is contributed to the IDE, too.

Eclipse downloads are available from the main Eclipse site http://www.eclipse.org. Choose the Eclipse SDK archive that matches your host platform and unpack it.


Download & Installation

Using Eclipse Update Manager

  • Choose Help->Software Updates->Find and Install... to open a wizard that will guide you through the installation process.
  • Select 'Search for new features to install' and press Next >
  • Click on 'New Remote Site...' to add the aicas update site to the list.
  • Fill in the 'Name' (for example 'aicas') and 'URL' of your update site (see list of aicas update sites below)
  • Browse the newly created site and select the category matching your JamaicaVM version. Press Next >
  • This page shows the available plug-in. Select it and press Next >
  • The wizard will guide you through the rest of the installtion process.

IMPORTANT: If you install the new JamaicaVM Tools plugin, uninstall all old JamaicaVM Tools plugins!

Requires Eclipse 3.5 and later

aicas Update Sites

  • JamaicaVM 8.x, 6.x and 3.4


Manual Download of Local Update Site

  • Download the JamaicaVM Eclipse Plugin ZIP file.
  • Unzip the 'JamaicaVM Eclipse Plugin' archive. The archive contains a local version of the aicas update site
  • Follow the instructions to the left titled 'Using Eclipse Update Manager'. As the update site choose your local copy, unzipped in step 2.

Available downloads
Requires Eclipse 3.5 and later including the Java Development Tools


Known Bugs in Eclipse

All Eclipse 4.x versions prior to 4.6 contained a bug that could result in invalid mappings between Execution Environments and JREs!

For example if the JamaicaVM-6 Execution Environment is mapped to a JDK 1.7, or JavaSE-8 Execution Environment is mapped to JDK 1.7, your Eclipse is affected by the bug. Please update to Eclipse 4.6 or higher to be safe.

See: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=484026


Find out more about Support for the Eclipse IDE and how to use the JamaicaVM Eclipse plugin in the JamaicaVM User Manual