aicas and ISIT Accelerate Distribution of Embedded Real-Time Technologies

Karlsruhe, Germany — 25 Nov 2019

aicas has upgraded its OSGiTM Alliance membership to Principal Member to improve its ability to support the Internet of Things (IoT) initiative in the OSGi Alliance. IoT bridges the gap between Information Technology (OT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems, and the aicas team brings its experience with Realtime JavaTM to the OSGi Alliance and its standards.

The OSGi Alliance is a consortium of technology innovators who collaborate on the advancement of open specifications that enable the management and update of applications and microservices built with Java technology. The framework has become an important element of developing the IoT. The OSGi IoT framework can be enhanced using the semantic extensions and APIs of Realtime Java Technology.

“OSGi has developed into a powerful Java modularization and management environment, and will only become more relevant and more prominent as IoT matures,” said Dr. James J. Hunt, CEO and CTO, aicas GmbH. “As more industries and more things connect, the OSGi Alliance needs to ensure the gaps between realtime programming and dynamic software management are filled. Realtime extensions and resource enforcement based on Realtime Java facilities will help fill that gap”.

As an OSGI Alliance Principal Member, aicas will continue its work extending OSGi with important features for Industry 4.0, including stronger bundle isolation and the ability to provide realtime reliability. Joining current Principal Members Makewave and Thingstream, aicas is now eligible to lead expert groups, committees, and officer positions.

aicas provides embedded software solutions for industrial and vehicle applications. aicas frameworks, such as Jamaica-IoT are based on the OSGi standard as part of simplifying programming for realtime capabilities. Paired with OSGi, aicas solutions enable advanced IoT connectivity and modular execution, such as over-the-air software and firmware updates and secure messaging and connectivity.

“aicas has been a valuable member for the OSGi Alliance and community and we welcome their increased contribution,” said Dan Bandera, president of the OSGi Alliance. “Industry 4.0 is certainly a priority area for OSGi Alliance, and aicas’ expertise in this area will be a great asset along with their participation in our OSGi Expert Groups.”

aicas has contributed to the Alliance for the past year as a Contributing Associate. Community contributions have included testbed demonstrations and thought leadership during OSGi events. aicas contributed during the October 21-24 OSGi Community Event in Germany with a demonstration of technologies and frameworks for dynamic and open realtime systems.

aicas is a long-time contributor to several industry associations and working groups. As a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium and others, aicas’ CEO Hunt led the IST project HIDOORS and the Artemis CHARTER project. Based on this, tools and technology for Java-based safety-critical systems were developed. As an active contributing member to the Java Community Process, Hunt recently submitted an updated Real-Time Specification that was approved by the Java community (JSR-282).

About aicas
aicas provides the embedded software solutions that empower millions of connected devices and vehicles for the largest automotive and industrial companies. Founded in 2001 by technology and academic leaders in Karlsruhe, Germany, aicas now serves customers from European and North American offices. For more information visit

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