The Internet has defined, and redefined connectivity. Special-purpose networking systems in the 1960s gave rise to host-to-host super computers and the rise of the internet in the 1980s gave us E-mail. Then at the close of the 20th Century, the birth of e-commerce and a massive change in person-to-person communication via social media and instant messaging. The next revolution in digital communications and commerce is an Internet of Things (IoT) and the capability of once again connecting devices, but for broadened use based on autonomous, machine-to-machine communication.

We at aicas have focused on delivering to embedded systems, the same level of software management of the IT world, to uncover new levels of collectivity and data analysis for OT. For nearly 20 years, we have deepened the understanding of how systems work and how they fail. This evolution is driving a shift towards dynamic software management. To ensure optimal performance, security, and a world of new possibilities with connected devices, aicas has introduced JamaicaPortal, a platform for automated deployment and management of connected device software.

The launch this month coincides with a number of initiatives aicas will kick-off in 2020 to provide seamless control of connected systems for their optimal performance, flexibility, and security. Throughout the year, aicas will provide organizations with the products and insights they need to deploy and manage software and leverage the full power of their data. We begin at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg, where we will unveil JamaicaPortal as part of our demonstration of the latest in industrial and automotive tech advancements. In June, at TU Automotive Detroit, we will present to the auto industry the products, as well as trends and issues, that can help or hamper development of connected vehicles.

Please find more about our advancements in embedded software solutions below, and connect with us to learn more about what it means for attaining your business goals.

Dr. James Hunt, CEO & Founder


Presenting the Embedded Asset Management Portal

aicas has launched JamaicaPortal as a first platform for efficiently managing software running on embedded systems in connected device environments. As the latest Jamaica-based product, it simplifies IT management processes like service, release, and deployment management, as well as problem and incident management for the software defined embedded world. Supported by an online dashboard, JamaicaPortal enables on-the-fly user configurations based on any unique requirements, such as load or function, and can be used to set rules-based, automated reconfiguration.

Learn more about JamaicaPortal or contact us for details about what JamaicaPortal can do for your embedded software management.

Delivering Better Embedded Experience

Join us at embedded world 2020 where the aicas' team show you how to open the door to IoT agility, and put you in the virtual driver’s seat to defend a fully automated evGo-Kart against cyber intrusions.

We will be at embedded world with the latest advancements in deploying and securing embedded technologies. Come see us as we launch our latest product, JamaicaPortal, a first platform for efficiently managing software running on embedded systems in connected device environments, and several other demonstrations of how we are simplifying the full life-cycle control of IoT devices, software, and data.

For demonstrations and more information, visit us at stand 4-605 in hall 4, from Feb. 25-27 at Embedded World, Nuremberg.

Outlining the Future of Industrial and Automotive IoT in Silicon Valley

Start-ups and established corporations alike are driving the IoT's growth into a multitrillion dollar industry, so what better place than Silicon Valley to lead a discussion on the future of connected business? We spent a week in early February in San Francisco meeting with customers, industry leaders, and analysts to discuss the emerging challenges and solutions that will impact their plans to leverage the capabilities of a software-defined future.

During an executive round table and a Stanford Research Lab autonomous vehicles and safety CTO meet-up, we engaged in the exploration of edge device management, realtime connectivity, machine learning, and more.

More events are planned in the near future. Stay tuned and let us know if you are interested in attending one.

Wanted: Software Integration and Release Manager

aicas is adding a Software Integration and Release Manager to our team. As Integration and Release Manager for our realtime Java Virtual Machine you plan product releases, supervise product development and coordinate the integration activities.


Upcoming Events

aicas @ TU Automotive Detroit

Join us at TU Automotive Detroit for demonstrations of our latest vehicle technologies and our panel discussion on the future of monetization and connected vehicles.

We'll join a panel of industry leaders for a discussion on the future of smart, software-defined vehicle architecture and how reducing costs impacts monetization.

The session will be Wednesday, 3 June, 12:05pm - 12:30pm to open the "The Software Era" track. Join us during the entire June 2-4 event at Stand 931 in Novi, Detroit for more information.



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