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The pace and cross-industry adoption of IoT and Cloud connectivity solutions quickened in 2019, and along with advancements towards defined industry standards, we predict 2020 will be another year for continued growth. As we look back at our work in 2019 guiding industries through the evolving IoT ecosystem, we know the New Year will carry with it old and new challenges to solve:

  1. IoT vs PLC? The PLC is here to stay (for now). IoT functionalities could be used to replace PLC systems in production processes. Even if this functionality is made available, a shift away from PLCs will not happen quickly
  2. Vehicle cyber-security will lead the connected auto discussion and with security awareness we can expect more hacking incident. Security tools will need to be adopted at a greater pace than the introduction of connected systems
  3. Industrial operations won't wait for a 5G Network rollout to spark their digital transformations – instead will rely on existing 4G connectivity
  4. Java will continue to be the foundation and backbone of the IoT – only made easier to use by simplified products to implement solutions
  5. IT and OT (information technology and operational technology) will continue to merge, and businesses will find more value in data, rather than going though the exercise of moving it from devices, to backend, to used spreadsheet
  6. Driving will be a multi-screen experience. With user experience becoming a differentiating factor, in 2020 manufacturers will continue to add screens for drivers and passengers
  7. Vehicle systems will become more connected to the outside world, creating a demand for more flexibility, content, and on-demand upgrades and updates.

The IoT will expand, with the enterprise and automotive markets alone forecast to grow to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020 (Gartner). That's what makes this an exciting time in the internet's maturation. We're building the tools and the protocols that enable secure, flexible connections among everything - from physical and virtual devices, to the systems that unite IT and OT operations. As we rise to meet the challenges in a New Year, we're reflecting on our contributions in 2019, and are excited for you to join us in what comes next.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and a prosperous New Year,
Dr. James Hunt and the aicas Team

2019: A Year of
Empowering Things in Realtime

In 2019, aicas built on what we've learned from customers using our legacy products and laid the groundwork to introduce new products and services to deliver the full power of the IoT deeper into a range of industries, from telco and industrial, to automotive and more.

As IoT use cases expanded, aicas too broadened our portfolio of solutions at an embedded application level, and at a global level expanded our work within trade and industry organizations to continue guiding industries with leadership standards and more.

2019 was an exciting year for aicas, as we developed distribution partnerships and watched our licensed product usage grow by millions.

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