Advancements in technology will always outpace development of their security functions. Fortunately, the approach for defending against vehicle system intrusions can be seen in the ways we already secure billions of Internet-connected devices.

From that starting point of network defense, staying a step ahead of intrusions is paramount across the full length of the automotive value chain. That includes system developers, system integrators and OEM manufacturers, on through mechanics and technicians. To remain vigilant against new and emerging threats, they all must ensure that critical security technologies can be expanded and updated. At IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this month, we're joining LHP Engineering Solutions and AASA, Inc. to demonstrate the threats facing intelligent vehicles. We will showcase the capabilities needed to defend against malicious intrusions, while leaving the doors open for critical over-the-air updates and infotainment/telematics data. Using an Ev-GoKart chassis to simulate a functioning connected vehicle, we are highlighting an open-framework for functional safety and cybersecurity with solutions that enable and disable data entry points to prevent intrusions.

As data-gathering technologies are integrated deeper into connected vehicles, skilled hackers gain more entry points; that includes cameras, seating, and even a vehicle's headlights. Join us at IOTSWC or contact us to learn more about what we're doing to safeguard the transmission of data into and out of vehicles.

Dr. James Hunt, CEO & Founder


Java for Industry 4.0

The Java Community Process Group (JCP) has accepted our revised and updated guidelines for continued IoT development using Java. Some 25 years after this programming language became the building blocks for network computing, it has become the stanchions supporting the IoT. Our update to the original Real-Time Specification for Java 2.0 (RTSJ) is a refinement of semantics, scheduling, synchronization, memory management, and more, which speak directly to IoT development such as

  • Performance measurement via embedded sensors
  • Pre-analysis of information not data collection
  • Remote device supervision and control
  • Flexibility via modular functional update
  • Strong security and encryption support

We'll be sharing more about what this means for the on-going development of the IoT, in the meantime, see the final version of the RTSJ here and contact us if we can answer questions.

A Digital Twin By Any Other Name?

Devices and their twins are largely heralded as the workhorses that together simplify the creation of an IoT system. The definition of digital twin, however, is not very precise. James Hunt, aicas CEO, in the November edition of the Industrial Internet Consortium's Journal of Innovation, will explore the ambiguity surrounding digital twin as it continues to become a widespread catchall. While digital twin has simplified complex parts of the IoT, the myriad interpretations and definitions of very distinct architectures are compounding the ambiguity. See the JOI beginning November 14 for our insight about the need to refine the definitions surrounding digital twins for the benefit of edge or fog computing.

Mastering Realtime Sensor Data in Ludwigsburg

aicas' Vladimir Nikolov had the opportunity to participate at EclipseCon Europe 2019 to explain the problems with realtime sensor data processing and actuator control that are arising at the edge of IoT systems. As part of the OSGi Community event, Vladimir explored expanding on OSGi as a solution for online updatability, composition and application reconfigurability in terms of realtime Java's ability to standardize programmability layers for applications with strict execution and performance requirements.

Stay tuned for details from the presentation and what the technologies can provide as a framework for dynamic and open realtime systems and platforms.

Testbed of the Year? AV Intrusion Prevention @IoTSWC

Together with LHP Engineering Solutions and ASA's LiFi subsidiary 01LightComm, we're heading to IoT Solutions World Congress to illustrate critical connected car cybersecurity threats using simulated attacks on a go-cart-sized replica of a fully-functioning connected vehicle. The EV-GOKart demonstration is a "Testbed of the Year" nominee as one of 10 practical applications selected by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Demonstrations will be provided October 29-31 at Stand 7 in the testbed pavilion at Fira Barcelona Gran Vía (Hall 2). Join us for this hands-on demonstration of our latest real-time, connected vehicle solutions. More information on the testbed and demonstration is available online.

Meet Matthias Loetzke, Engineering Leader

The aicas engineering team this month welcomes Matthias Loetzke and his broad experience in software development and security as he takes on the leadership role for aicas' product development and customer delivery engineering teams.

Matthias most recently led several developments for Harman Connected Car, including as the Cyber Security Leader for Daimler Infotainment Systems and Project Leader for RFI/RGQ of the Daimler NTG7x/Gen20x infotainment system. Previously, Matthias led global development of Harman's CoC Software Platform. He brings deep experience with Linux, QNX, Android and Hypervisor device platforms. His professional experience also includes critical software product management and development for Sysgo (Thales Group) and Airbus. Join us in welcoming Matthias to the team.

Wanted: Solutions Architect, Germany

aicas is adding a Solutions Architect - IoT, Automotive, Embedded to our team. The IT specialist will support our Sales Director Europe with commitment, passion and flexibility as a pre- and post-Sales Solutions Architect for our team in Germany!


Upcoming Events

IoT and Cloud in Las Vegas: aicas @ AWS re:Invent 2019

Attending AWS' annual gathering in Las Vegas has become one of the best ways to boost proficiency in cloud solutions and architecture, connected security and large-scale migrations.

We're excited to take part in the annual conference, and hope you'll plan on meeting us there! Join us from Dec 2-6, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.



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