Industrial Internet, M2M & IoT

Discrete manufacturing possesses more stored data than all other industries including the government, healthcare and communications sectors. The gains available to manufacturers through analysis of readily accessible data are significant. Capture of this data, processing of it, and acting on it requires a secure distributed system consisting of devices, gateways, servers, and "big data" and data analytics engines.

The success of the Machine-to-machine, Internet-of-things, and Industrial Internet trend is forcing the edge device, e.g. PLC, sensors, actuators, gateways, etc., to be rethought. Industrial devices can have a life expectancy of 15 years. Compare this with the innovation rate of the Internet. The industry faces growing requirements to accelerate new device software development, increase software assurance, security, and reliability, reduce defects, and automate deployment of applications and updates.



JamaicaVM Solutions

JamaicaVM offers solutions to the requirements for the M2M, IoT, Industrial Internet market.

  • Managed, secure, signature-verified application download and updates
  • Increased software assurance through API-granular access control property lists
  • Validated client for U.S. DISA certified military-grade open-standards based messaging infrastructure
  • Platform for combined international standard APIs for local communications, device messaging protocols, and managed application execution in a portable, CPU and operating system independent platform
  • Reduced software development lifecycle and increase code reuse through use of committee standard, industry standard, 3rd party, and customer specific class APIs
  • JamaicaVM's hard realtime performance and open standards-based APIs for realtime and embedded programming