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Using Java in Safety-Critical Applications
Whitepaper by Wolf-Dieter Heker, Rainer Koellner
Verocel GmbH



Dr. James Hunt, aicas GmbH; Dr. Giulio Corradi, Xilinx GmbH
ESE Kongress 2017


David Beberman
ESE Kongress 2016 (Updated 2017-08-30)


Clemens Ballarin
5th International Conference, RV 2014, Toronto. Published in B. Bonakdarpour and S.A. Smolka, RV 2014, LNCS 8734, pages 15–30, 2014 ©


David Beberman
Embedded World 2012 in Nuremberg


Dr. James J. Hunt
aicas Newsletter Anniversary 2011/2012


Dr. James J. Hunt
aicas Newsletter Summer 2010