White Papers

Designing a Class Hierarchy for Safety

Dr. James J. Hunt
aicas Newsletter Summer 2010


The joint avionics plenary is scheduled to finish the next update of the software certification standards for avionics by the end of this year. This will effect guidance for in-flight and ground-based software. These changes will not only have a substantial impact on the way avionic software is written, but also on software development for other safety critical domains as well.

Whereas the current standards were based on a procedural paradigm, the new standards will be  more general. The changes update and consolidate guidance for certifying software for avionics  as well as provide several technology specific supplements. These supplements will cover tool qualification, model-based development, object oriented and related technology, and formal methods. All of the supplements are relevant to using  object oriented languages such as real-time Java for developing avionics software, but the Object Oriented and Related Technology (OOT) Supplement will have the biggest impact.


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