• Fully automatic static Java code analysis
  • Detects all possible runtime errors
  • Finds deadlocks and race conditions
  • Highlights dead code
  • Analyze partial and complete programs
  • No change to application code necessary
  • Improves quality and robustness

VeriFlux is an automatic static code analysis tool for use in complete applications, as well as custom program parts. Nothing needs to be changed in the application to carry out the analysis. Error sources such as run-time errors or thread-related errors are highlighted in the source code.
Early detection of bugs at the source code level reduces the need for dynamic testing, and helps prevent bugs from making it into the field, resulting in a substantial reduction in development costs and time.


Key Features

Get the whole Picture
Whereas testing requires a new run for each path through the code, VeriFlux examines all possible paths at once.This ensures complete coverage of the application. No stone is left unturned.

Runtime Exceptions
Prevent runtime exceptions from causing program failure. From arithmetic to null pointer exceptions, VeriFlux pinpoints where these problems occur.

Flush out deadlocks before they cause application lockup. Multicore programs become safer and error detection easier.

Race Conditions
Prevent your program from yielding incorrect results because of faulty synchronisation.

RTSJ Memory Areas
Take the guesswork out of using scoped memory. Ensure that all assignments in a scope are valid.

Unlike other static analysis tools, reflection does not stop VeriFlux from doing its job. Simple reflection is analyzed automatically; complex reflection just requires some simple hints from the user.



Ease of Use

No Code Changes
Analyze your programs straight away! No annotations or other code changes are needed for VeriFlux to do its job. If the code compiles, you can analyze it.

Incomplete Programs
Analysis can cover an entire program down to a single method, so VeriFlux can be used during the entire development cycle.

The tool can be configured to focus on relevant parts of your application using summary information for the rest. Results are available quickly with minimal loss of accuracy.

Library Support
Library modules enable the tool to analyse complex code easily and focus on your code.