Use of Inheritance and Polymorphism in Reliable Software Systems
Natascha Scharnberg
Diplomarbeit, Karlsruhe


In this diploma thesis it should be analyzed if Design by Contract really avoids object-oriented faults. The faults that will be analyzed are based on Offutt's classification of the different fault types. Although the classification is quite detailed there is no guarantee that it is complete. In this context the question should be resolved if Design by Contract is sufficient to avoid the objectoriented faults. What does a contract need to be adequate? If the basic Design by Contract paradigm is not sufficient to handle the object-oriented faults, it should be elaborated how the contracts can be augmented to obtain this goal. Originally Design by Contract was implemented in the programming language Eiffel. But now tools exist to incorporate this technology into other object-oriented programming languages. Here Java was used.


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