Using the Web for Document Versioning: An Implementation Report for Delta V

Dr. James J. Hunt, Jürgen Reuter


12 May 2001
ICSE'01 - 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering, Toronto, Canada



Abstract: The current suite of systems that offer client/server capabilities for document versioning relies on proprietary protocols for communicating between a central versioning repository and a remote client. In order to support better document authoring via the Web, the DeltaV working group of the Web-DAV (WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning) project of the Internet Engineering Task Force is working on a standard protocol for versioning over HTTP. The authors present a prototype of DeltaV based on the 04.5 draft. This system demonstrates that, though important aspects of the protocol need to be revised, versioning via the Web can be a practical means of supporting remote access to a central versioning repository.

Download: IEEE CS Digital Library