Issues in building an ANRTS platform

Antonio Kung, James J. Hunt, Ludovic Gauthier, Marc Richard-Foy


11 Oct 2006
JTRES'06 - The 4th International Workshop on Java Technologies for Real-time and Embedded Systems, Paris, France



The HIJA initiative is currently working on creating the technology conditions to achieve architecture neutrality for real-time systems. To this end it has developed a number of profiles based on RTSJ and developed a number of proofs of concept. In doing so, HIJA came across a number of integration issues which are not specific to the chosen technologies, and therefore need to be addressed by the embedded systems technology community in the large. This paper reports on the following issues: (1) integration in the software engineering process, (2) integration of an architecture neutral platform with an underlying RTOS, and (3) provision of QoS for multiple independent applications.

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