HIDOORS - A High Integrity Distributed Deterministic Java Environment

João Ventura, Fridtjof Siebert, Andy Walter and James Hunt


9 Jan 2002
Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Object-oriented Real-time Dependable Systems (WORDS), San Diego



This paper presents the design of HIDOORS, an intergrated development environment suitable for embedded distributed real-time systems, based on the Java programming language. HIDOORS will cover all the life-cycle of real-time software development with extensions to existing tools (UML modeling, Java compiler, Java Virtual Machine, and a worst case execution time analysis tool) that will all be integrated into a single integrated development environment. The sytsem will also assist the developer in distributing the application, by providing faster RMI and a distributed event managert that provides strict timing guarantees. This paper is written at the beginning of HIDDORS development, and as such, it presents only the defined objectives and the early architecture of the system; further developments will be the subject of future work.

Download: Binary Data paper (gzip'ed Postscript, 108KB), PDF icon slides (PDF, 1,8Meg)