JEOPARD – Java Environment for Parallel Real-Time Development

Fridtjof Siebert


20 Mar 2009
ISORC'09 - 12th IEEE International Symposium on Object/component/service-oriented Real-time distributed Computing - ISORC 2009 - Tokyo, Japan



Multicore systems have become standard for desktop computers today. Current operating systems and software development tools provide straightforward means to use the additional computing power. However, a more fundamental change in the design and development of software is required to fully exploit the power of multicore systems. Furthermore, the fast growing market of embedded systems is currently largely unaffected by the introduction of multicore systems. This will change quickly in the future, which will mean that there will be a demand on efficient development of reliable embedded software that can give real-time guarantees and exploit the available power on multicore systems.

The JEOPARD project addresses this demand by developing Java software tools to exploit multicore power while ensuring correctness and predictable timing. This paper gives an overview of the JEOPARD project and focuses on key technical issues such as real-time scheduling and realtime garbage collection on multi-core systems.

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