To support the rate of growth of data streams and stored data, high performance platforms need fundamental advances to meet application requirements. Such Big Data systems are dominated by the size of data, and the speed at which it must be processed. Additionally, Big Data applications often have Real-Time constraints that need to be met in order to provide applications with timely responses to requests for data – involving anything from simple database lookup and input data stream processing, to more complex data-mining or intelligent data processing.

Often, real-time performance is sought by increasing the overall performance of the platform, hence increasing the raw speed of response to any request. However, such an approach is unlikely to be able to offer real-time guarantees regarding the speed of response, and is often expensive in terms of cost and power, as more and more resources are included in the platform in the hope of it being sufficiently fast to offer the illusion of real-time.

The JUNIPER project intends to construct the platform from real-time technologies, using real-time principles, so that appropriate guarantees can then be given with respect to Big Data processing.

Project Start
1 Dec 2012

Project End
30 Nov 2015