SuReal is a medium term research and development project, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education. Companies, universities, and other research organizations from five German States participate in the project. Its goal is to improve the safety of embedded systems commonly used in automobiles, airplanes, mobile phones, and domestic appliances.

Currently, the handling of safety critical issues during the development of embedded systems is dominated largely by in house and ad hoc approaches and applications. In the course of the SuReal project, an integrated development process will be developed, which can be formally verified and takes safety critical issues into account. For this purpose, SuReal takes up common industrial modeling and technical solutions and integrates them with formal description and analysis techniques into a complementary development methodology.

A framework will be created tailored to industrial developers to make complex analysis methods and tools available, without requiring them to completely change their development process or assemble together complex tools. Ultimately, it will enable small and medium sized software companies to support the application of formal methods and to market tools and products based on them.

Project Start
1 May 2006

Project End
30 Apr 2009