Intelligent Container

The Microsystems Center Bremen developed in cooperation with ComNets and the LogDynamicsLab the 'intelligent Container' as an autonomous transport monitoring system for perishable and sensitive goods. The systems links technologies from the fields of RFID, sensor networks and software agents to provide a permanent and freight-specific supervision of each transport package along the supply chain. Local pre-processing of sensor information reduces costs for external mobile communication. A quality prediction model runs on an embedded processor platform that is integrated into the container, truck or semi-trailer. If a risk for the quality of loaded freight items is detected, the autonomous supervision system sends a warning message to the transport operator.

The development the intelligent container is covered by 3 different research projects:

Since 2004: Fundamental research on 'Autonomous Cooperating Logistic Processes' by the Collaborative Research Centre 637 (DFG)

2008 - 2009: First field tests by a transfer project of the Collaborative Research Centre 637 (DFG).

2010 - 2013: Innovation Alliance for prototype development (BMBF).

The project is administrated by IMSAS at the University of Bremen.

Project Start
1 Jul 2010

Project End
30 Jun 2013