Press Releases

Functional meets Object-Oriented Programming in Embedded System: aicas announces JamaicaVM 8!

aicas announced the release of JamaicaVM 8 for Q2. JamaicaVM is based on the Realtime Specification for Java (RTSJ) and deterministic garbage collection. Ver­sion 8 provides support for the OpenJDK 8 class libraries, making available the new Java 8 language features such as lambda, default methods, and enhanced security.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD. selects aicas' JamaicaVM toolsuite!

Rafael selected JamaicaVM toolsuite from Aicas for its industry leading realtime per­formance, ubiquitous platform availability and commitment to open standards.  Rafael looks forward to realizing significant efficiency savings in its software de­velopment lifecycle on current and future projects.

aicas GmbH and MDI Solutions Announce MD Link Availability On aicas' JamaicaVM

MDI Solutions and Aicas announce the availability of of MD Link on JamaicaVM runtime environment. MDI Solutions selected the JamaicaVM toolchain and runtime environment because of its wide avail­ability on the QNX Neutrino RTOS and various CPU architectures, and its robust and hard real­time perfor­mance.