Press Releases

Announcing The Complete JamaicaCAR V2.0 SDK Available For Download

The JamaicaCAR V2.0 Software Development Kit enabling app vendors to develop installable apps for auto­motive infotainment systems is now publicly available for download at no charge.
Aicas anticipates the public availability of the SDK will encourage new innovations from automo­tive app de­velopers. Visit the download page at

Industrial Internet Consortium Announces FIRST Security Claims Evaluation Testbed

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Xilinx, aicas, PrismTech and other contributors join forces to provide a security and cybersecurity assessment platform for evaluating endpoint, gateway, and other networked components’ security capabilities

aicas GmbH joins Xilinx, Inc. Alliance Program

aicas GmbH is pleased to announce our joining the Xilinx, Inc. Alliance Partner Program.  aicas leverages Xilinx's technology in Zynq and Virtex lines, to enable customer solutions on Jamaica-IoT, JamaicaCAR and JamaicaVM for general embedded and realtime market.

JamaicaCAR V2.0 selected by UniqueSoft, LLC. for MY 2017 to MY 2019 Automotive Infotainment Apps

aicas GmbH and aicas Incorporated are pleased to announce the selection of JamaicaCAR V2.0 by UniqueSoft, LLC. for model year 2017 to 2019 infotainment apps

JamaicaVM selected by Telenav, Inc. for MY 2017 to MY 2019 Automotive Infotainment Navigation App

aicas GmbH and aicas Incorporated are pleased to announce the selection of JamaicaVM by Telenav, Inc. for a model year 2017 to 2019 infotainment navigation app.

Functional meets Object-Oriented Programming in Embedded System: aicas announces JamaicaVM 8!

aicas announced the release of JamaicaVM 8 for Q2. JamaicaVM is based on the Realtime Specification for Java (RTSJ) and deterministic garbage collection. Ver­sion 8 provides support for the OpenJDK 8 class libraries, making available the new Java 8 language features such as lambda, default methods, and enhanced security.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD. selects aicas' JamaicaVM toolsuite!

Rafael selected JamaicaVM toolsuite from Aicas for its industry leading realtime per­formance, ubiquitous platform availability and commitment to open standards.  Rafael looks forward to realizing significant efficiency savings in its software de­velopment lifecycle on current and future projects.