Press Releases

Functional meets Object-Oriented Programming in Embedded System: aicas announces JamaicaVM 8!

aicas announced the release of JamaicaVM 8 for Q2. JamaicaVM is based on the Realtime Specification for Java (RTSJ) and deterministic garbage collection. Ver­sion 8 provides support for the OpenJDK 8 class libraries, making available the new Java 8 language features such as lambda, default methods, and enhanced security.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD. selects aicas' JamaicaVM toolsuite!

Rafael selected JamaicaVM toolsuite from Aicas for its industry leading realtime per­formance, ubiquitous platform availability and commitment to open standards.  Rafael looks forward to realizing significant efficiency savings in its software de­velopment lifecycle on current and future projects.

aicas GmbH and MDI Solutions Announce MD Link Availability On aicas' JamaicaVM

MDI Solutions and Aicas announce the availability of of MD Link on JamaicaVM runtime environment. MDI Solutions selected the JamaicaVM toolchain and runtime environment because of its wide avail­ability on the QNX Neutrino RTOS and various CPU architectures, and its robust and hard real­time perfor­mance.

Coversant and aicas Target Internet-of-things with Secure End-to-End Solution

aicas and Coversant announced a new partnership to combine Coversant's SoapBox Server with aicas's JamaicaVM hard real-time Java-based platform to provide a secure, scalable solution connecting intelligent devices to cloud-based services. SoapBox Server integration with JamaicaVM has been verified using an XMPP client and is now available on a wide variety of operating system and CPU combinations with JamaicaVM.


McObject and aicas Team Up to Deliver Real-time Embedded Database and Realtime Java Programming Language Environment

aicas and McObject announced a new partnership to provide McObject's eXtremeDB real-time embedded database system on aicas's JamaicaVM hard real-time Java-based platform. eXtremeDB integration with JamaicaVM has been verified and is now available on a wide variety of JamaicaVM, operating system and CPU combinations.

Twin Oaks Computing and aicas Team Up to Deliver Realtime, Distributed Solutions

aicas and Twin Oaks Computing announce a new partnership to provide Twin Oaks Computing’s CoreDX DDS Data Distribution Service Middleware on aicas's JamaicaVM hard realtime Java-based platform. The integration of CoreDX DDS with JamaicaVM has been verified and is now available on a wide variety of operating system and CPU combinations. The low latency interprocess communication of CoreDX DDS complements JamaicaVM runtime's deterministic, low latency and low jitter execution.

New Leadership for Realtime Java Technology

Realtime Java moves forward, with aicas assuming the leadership of the RTSJ, the Realtime Specification for Java. Dr. James J. Hunt, aicas' CEO, is now specification lead of JSR 282 and maintenance lead for JSR 1. The aicas team thanks Peter Dibble for his extensive work as a leader of the RTSJ for TimeSys. JSR 282 will improve the RTSJ with better support for interacting with devices and managing realtime tasks. As a member of the Java Community Process (JCP), aicas takes an active role in developing and advancing the Java programming language for realtime and embedded systems.

64 bit Realtime, Multicore JamaicaVM for the Linux Operating System

aicas GmbH and aicas incorporated announce the release of a 64bit, Realtime, Multicore JamaicaVM development toolchain and runtime for the Linux Operating System. Multicore JamaicaVM combines our global realtime thread scheduler with our parallel and concurrent, fully preemptive, thread distributed, garbage collector. Linux developers, using Multicore JamaicaVM are now able to develop hard realtime applications on multicore CPU archictectures using the Java programming language.

aicas liefert die 400.000ste JamaicaCAR-Einheit für den Automotive Infotainment-Markt

aicas GmbH und aicas incorporated geben bekannt, dass seit Veröffentlichung im Herbst 2011 der Meilenstein der 400.000sten gelieferten JamaicaCAR erreicht wurde. JamaicaCAR ist die Applet-Plattform der Toyota Entune und Touch&Go Infotainment-Systeme für die Camry- und Prius-Modellreihen.

Dr. Fridtjof B. Siebert, CTO von aicas, sagte: "Wir sind ermutigt vom bisherigen Erfolg von JamaicaCAR. Es hat alle unsere Erwartungen übertroffen und wir sind sehr zu­frieden mit der schnellen Verbreitung im Automotive Infotainment-Markt."

aicas ships its 400,000th JamaicaCAR unit for the automotive infotainment market

aicas GmbH and aicas incorporated proudly announce reaching the 400,000th unit shipping milestone since JamaicaCAR was released fall of 2011. JamaicaCAR powers the Toyota Entune and Touch & Go applet environment for the Camry and Prius model lines.

Dr. Fridtjof B. Siebert, CTO of aicas, said "We are very encouraged by the success of JamaicaCAR to date. It has exceeded our expectations and we are pleased with its rapid adoption in the automotive infotainment market."