Press Releases

aicas Passes Milestone 15 Million Licensed Applications of its JamaicaCAR Technology

aicas announced Tier-1 automakers and suppliers have relied on its JamaicaCAR technology as an integral component of more than 15 million connected cars.

aicas and Klika Tech to Demonstrate Effective Realtime Voice-First Functionality at Embedded World

IIoT innovators aicas and Klika Tech during Embedded World 2019 will showcase their collaborative integration of Alexa Auto as a new standard for connecting drivers through voice recognition and real-time  information from the vehicle and the world around them.

aicas und Klika Tech demonstrieren effektive Echtzeit-Voice-First Funktionalität auf der Embedded World

Die IoT-Experten aicas und Klika Tech präsentieren erstmals auf der Embedded World 2019 ihre kollaborative Integration von Alexa Car als neuen Standard, um Fahrzeuglenker durch Spracherkennung und Echtzeitinformation mit dem Fahrzeug und der Welt darum herum zu verbinden.

Innovations for Industrial IoT, powered by aicas & partners

From Feb. 27th. to March 1st at the Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, aicas will present its framework Jamaica-IoT with new functionalities like realtime data transmis­sion for digital twin imaging and dynamic download of FPGA-designs (Hardware over-the-air).

Announcing Jamaica 8 Compact Profiles General Release

Jamaica 8 enabling developers to build and run applications with OpenJDK 8 Compact Profiles is now publicly available. Functional programming extension to the Java language are now sup­ported and available to Jamaica developers. Please contact Aicas for product availability and evalua­tion.

Announcing Jamaica JAR Accelerator 8 Release

The Jamaica JAR Accelerator 8 enabling developers to ahead-of-time (AOT) compile individual Java Archives (JAR) to CPU machine instructions for dynamic loading at runtime, is now publicly available. Jamaica JAR Accelerator eliminates load time “warm ups”and “just-in-time” compiling while delivering deterministic and high performance throughput. Please contact aicas for product availability and evaluation.

Announcing The Complete JamaicaCAR V2.0 SDK Available For Download

The JamaicaCAR V2.0 Software Development Kit enabling app vendors to develop installable apps for auto­motive infotainment systems is now publicly available for download at no charge.
Aicas anticipates the public availability of the SDK will encourage new innovations from automo­tive app de­velopers. Visit the download page at

Industrial Internet Consortium Announces FIRST Security Claims Evaluation Testbed

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Xilinx, aicas, PrismTech and other contributors join forces to provide a security and cybersecurity assessment platform for evaluating endpoint, gateway, and other networked components’ security capabilities

aicas GmbH joins Xilinx, Inc. Alliance Program

aicas GmbH is pleased to announce our joining the Xilinx, Inc. Alliance Partner Program.  aicas leverages Xilinx's technology in Zynq and Virtex lines, to enable customer solutions on Jamaica-IoT, JamaicaCAR and JamaicaVM for general embedded and realtime market.