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Functional meets Object-Oriented Programming in Embedded System: aicas announces JamaicaVM 8!

Embedded World, Nürnberg, Germany — Feb 24, 2015 – 26 Feb 2015 — 24 Feb 2015

aicas announced the release of JamaicaVM 8 for Q2. JamaicaVM is based on the Realtime Specification for Java (RTSJ) and deterministic garbage collection. Ver­sion 8 provides support for the OpenJDK 8 class libraries, making available the new Java 8 language features such as lambda, default methods, and enhanced security.  This will give embedded RTOSes such as VxWork from WindRiver, Neutrino from QNX, Integrity from Green Hill Systems , PikeOS from SYSGO, and Windows Em­bedded from Microsoft the full power of combining object-ori­ented and functional programming with hard realtime response.

The first release will feature the Compact One profile. The other profiles,and a full version with graphics, in­cluding OpenJFX will follow by the end of the year. The JamaicaCAR and Jamaica-IoT products will also be re­based on JamaicaVM 8.

David Beberman, CSO of aicas GmbH said, “We are excited about the combination of JamaicaVM with Open­JDK 8. With this update, developers of realtime, embedded and intelligent systems continue to leverage all of the performance of JamaicaVM and the very latest features in the Java language and runtime."


About aicas (
aicas produces Java development and analysis tools for real-time and embedded systems. Headquartered in Karlsruhe Germany, the firm has been serving the marketplace since 2001. The aicas group provides prod­ucts and services for the military/aerospace, industrial automation, automotive, robotics, medical devices, consumer POS, financial, and general embedded computing markets. JamaicaVM, the flagship product of aicas, is a hard real-time Virtual Machine incorporating leading edge deterministic garbage collection for running real-time Java programs using the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) extensions and any of the standard Java classes. Ja­maicaVM is available for 32bit and 64bit CPU architectures and for single core and multicore systems.



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