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aicas and ISIT Accelerate Distribution of Embedded Real-Time Technologies

Toulouse, France — 2 Dec 2019

aicas GmbH and ISIT are enabling Western European commercial development of applications with critical, realtime capabilities with an agreement to accelerate delivery of aicas’ Java-based embedded solutions.

The companies are enabling digital transformations with aicas solutions for real-time secure data in IoT, smart grids and autonomous mobility. The agreement empowers ISIT to work with regional businesses on embedded integrations of aicas’ JamaicaVM with pre- and post-technical sales support. JamaicaVM is aicas’ flagship solution for real-time, Java-based virtual machine optimization for use in critical integrated platforms.

JamaicaVM, based on Java Standard Edition code for 32- and 64-bit platforms, significantly-improves application quality and reliability, and reduces the software development cycle. Further benefits include:

  • Java execution on an embedded platform without code change
  • Support for a wide variety of RTOS and ARM, Intel and PPC processors, and multicore support
  • Safe, secure and real-time, with deterministic design technology
  • Support of OpenJDK libraries and compliance with Java Standard Edition
  • Native support for the real-time specification for Java (RTSJ)
  • Dynamic download support
  • Deterministic real-time Java bytecode programming language for complete hardware abstraction
  • Complete set of cross-compilation tools, including trace analysis and emulation
  • Low memory footprint using compaction techniques

"In critical areas such as automotive, medical or industrial equipment, Java ensures real-time reliability," said Thierry Le Gall, CEO of ISIT. "Our agreement with aicas allows us to extend our reach into markets, where embedded solutions are making a difference particularly when safety and security constraints are at stake."

The JamaicaVM platform combines security, modularity, portability and a small embedded footprint for development and management of critical Cloud-based applications. It is optimized for coding control and compatibility among Real-Time Operating Software (RTOS) and diverse Operating Systems and processors.

"aicas is very pleased to be working with ISIT as a value-added distributor for the marketing and support of our JamaicaVM offering," said James Hunt, aicas CEO and Co-founder. "By combining ISIT’s expertise in French manufacturers’ needs for critical, real-time systems and the proven quality of our Java offerings, we are providing reliable, efficient and truly dedicated solutions for real-time applications."


About aicas
aicas provides the embedded software solutions that empower millions of connected devices and vehicles for the largest automotive and industrial companies. Founded by technology and academic leaders in Karlsruhe, Germany, aicas now serves customers from European and North American offices. For more information visit

About ISIT
Based in Toulouse, France, ISIT is a value-added distributor of hardware, software, and embedded tools for real-time systems. Working with the leading commercial brands in their market, ISIT offers a large and varied catalog of products for building high-performance industrial solutions. In addition to a range of products, ISIT offers support services, ranging from expertise on technologies and products, to application development, training, testing and validation. ISIT provides customers with deep experience developing solutions for security and certification challenges. For more information visit