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JamaicaCAR V2.0 selected by Harman International for MY 2017 to MY 2019 Fiat Chrysler Automobile Infotainment Units

25 Aug 2015

aicas GmbH and aicas Incorporated are pleased to announce the selection of JamaicaCAR V2.0 by Harman International for model year 2017 to 2019 infotainment units. The system is available in new Chrysler and Fiat vehicles such as the Dodge Charger SRT, Dodge RAM Truck, Viper, Grand Cherokee, Fiat 500, and Maserati. The system offers a secure framework for running Java apps, enabling the car owner to update the system as new functionality becomes available. JamaicaCAR is designed with safety and security in mind, minimizing driver distraction and ensuring that only properly vetted applications can access critical resources. JamaicaCAR has been incorporated by Harman International in the Fiat Chrysler model lineup since 2013.

Dr. James J. Hunt, CEO of aicas, said, “We are pleased with the continued growth of JamaicaCAR in the automotive infotainment market. JamaicaCAR gives automotive applet developers a standards-based, secure platform with which to deploy innovative new solutions.”


About aicas

aicas is a leading producer of Java development and analysis tools, Java runtime environments and frameworks for realtime and embedded systems. The company was founded in 2001. It is headquar­tered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

JamaicaVM is aicas' flagship product, a hard realtime Java virtual machine with fully preemptable, deterministic garbage collection. JamaicaVM is optimized for critical systems such as realtime con­trol, network communication, and human-machine interfaces (HMI). JamaicaVM is widely used in the industrial automation, military and aerospace, automotive, medical, and financial markets.

In 2011, aicas introduced JamaicaCAR, an application framework for automotive infotainment sys­tems, which enables safe, secure installation of downloaded applications with controlled access to system resources. JamaicaCAR was awarded the Embeddy Award by VDC Research at the Embed­ded Systems Conference Boston 2011. It is available in the Entunes and Touch & Go products from Toyota and the UConnect Access product from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

aicas continues to extend our product offerings with Jamaica-IoT a secure component framework for the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0. Jamaica-IoT enables secure dynamic composability for industrial devices and gateways.

To assist customers in their quest for high code quality and short time to market, aicas also offers execution profiling tools, static analysis tools, and customization services. aicas is dedicated to the success of its customers.


Contact Information

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aicas inc
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