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Industrial Internet Consortium Announces FIRST Security Claims Evaluation Testbed

Embedded World 2016, Nuremberg, Germany — 22 Feb 2016

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Xilinx, aicas, PrismTech and other contributors join forces to provide a security and cybersecurity assessment platform for evaluating endpoint, gateway, and other networked components’ security capabilities

The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC) announces its first security assessment-focused test­bed: the Security Claims Evaluation Testbed. IIC member organizations UL, Xilinx, aicas and PrismTech are collaborating on the project to provide an open and easily configurable cybersecu­rity platform for evaluation of endpoint, gateway, and other networked components’ security capabili­ties. Data sources can include industrial, automotive, medical, and other related endpoints requested for secure operation analysis.

IIC members will be able to connect their equipment to the testbed to evaluate the security of their devices within two different scenarios: individually on a device level, or with a system of other end­points, gateways, etc. The options include exploration of methodology and collection of evidence to demonstrate the system operational security processes supporting the key character­istics of the sys­tem relative to evaluation of the participant’s claims. Additionally, the testbed en­ables the evalua­tion of those critical areas of an architecture pattern that need to be secured as outlined in the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture Technical Paper.

Understanding the security of devices very early in product development can minimize delays for product launch. The testbed aims to enable manufacturers to improve the security posture of their products and verify alignment to the upcoming IIC Security Framework Technical Paper prior to product launch to help accelerate time to market.

The testbed will be rolled out in three stages, with the first being initial deployment in a lab envi­ronment and the second in a micro-factory environment. The third phase will be determined by the growth of the testbed. The security testbed’s phased release approach provides a unique learning op­portunity to evaluate security vulnerabilities at a device level as well as a system level prior to large scale deployment across many key applications driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / In­dustry 4.0.

“Working to help assure the security of the Industrial Internet is a logical extension of UL’s work to support safer environments globally,” said Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s energy & power technologies division. “By offering the first IIC-approved security evalua­tion test­bed to IIC members and the broader IIoT community, we are meeting the manufacturers’ need to address their products’ security profile early on in the product development cycle, thus enabling more efficient product rollout processes.”

“Xilinx is committed to providing the Industrial IoT industry with our latest All Programmable SoC technologies that focus on achieving the highest levels of anti-tamper, information assur­ance and trust capabilities,” said Lawrence Getman, Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Marketing at Xilinx.  “Xilinx’s technology is at the heart of the Security Claims Evaluation test­bed. By leverag­ing the highly flexible and configurable nature that our Programmable SoC de­vices provide, we en­able a broad spectrum of use cases that further enhance the participants’ se­curity claim assess­ments.”

“aicas helps realize the Industrial IoT industry with secure, scalable, dynamic component-based composable, standards-based, deterministic hard real-time capable, multi-language software plat­forms,” said David Beberman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at aicas. “aicas’ toolchain and platform Java bytecode based technology and secure messaging technology enables component level installation and runtime authentication, authorization and IP protection for the Security Claims Evaluation testbed, and extends it with authentication, authorization and privacy to the cloud.”

“PrismTech develops secure, high performance, real-time end-to-end, data connectivity solutions for the Industrial IoT based on the OMG’s Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems stan­dard,” said Lawrence Ross, CEO, PrismTech. “Our technology will provide the Security Claims Evaluation Testbed with a flexible and secure Edge to Cloud data backbone that can support a broad range of participants’ security claims assessments.”

Partners Contributing to the Security Claims Evaluation Testbed:
The testbed will leverage several technologies from non-IIC constituents including:  secure intelli­gent gateway providing endpoint to the cloud communication from SOC-e (System-on-Chip engi­neering), overall testbed monitoring with real-time analytics from, and endpoint moni­toring from PFP Cybersecurity.


About UL
UL is a premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for more than 120 years. Its nearly 11,000 professionals are guided by the UL mission to promote safe work­ing and living environments for all people via two distinct entities: Underwriters Labo­ratories Inc., a 501(c)3 public charity, and UL, LLC. UL uses research and standards to continu­ally advance and meet ever-evolving safety needs. We partner with businesses, manufacturers, trade associations and international regulatory authorities to bring solutions to a more complex global supply chain. For more information, visit

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs, and 3D ICs. Xilinx uniquely enables applications that are both software defined and hardware optimized – powering in­dustry advancements in Cloud Computing SDN/NFV, Video/Vision, Industrial IoT, and 5G Wire­less. For more information, visit www.xilinx.­com.

About aicas
aicas is a leading producer of Java development and analysis tools for real-time and embedded sys­tems. The company was founded in 2001, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

JamaicaVM is aicas' flagship product, a hard real-time Java virtual machine with fully preempt­able, deterministic garbage collection. JamaicaVM is optimized for critical systems such as real-time control, network communication, and human-machine interfaces (HMI). JamaicaVM is widely used in the industrial automation, military and aerospace, automotive, medical, and finan­cial markets. For more information, visit

About PrismTech
PrismTech’s customers deliver systems for the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and ad­vanced wireless communications. PrismTech supplies the data connectivity solutions, tools and pro­fessional services they need to build systems with the required: platform coverage, perfor­mance, scalability, efficiency, flexibility and robustness.

PrismTech’s customers service many market sectors, including: industrial automation, energy, healthcare, transportation, smart cities, aerospace and defense. For additional information about PrismTech, visit


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