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JamaicaCAR V2.0 selected by UniqueSoft, LLC. for MY 2017 to MY 2019 Automotive Infotainment Apps

25 Aug 2015

aicas GmbH and aicas Incorporated are pleased to announce the selection of JamaicaCAR V2.0 by UniqueSoft, LLC. for model year 2017 to 2019 infotainment apps. JamaicaCAR is available in new Chrysler and Fiat vehicles such as the Dodge Charger SRT, Dodge RAM Truck, Viper, Grand Cherokee, Fiat 500, and Maserati. The system offers a secure framework for running Java apps, enabling the car owner to update the system as new functionality becomes available. JamaicaCAR is designed with safety and security in mind, minimizing driver distraction and ensuring that only properly vetted applications can access critical resources.

Dr. James J. Hunt, CEO of Aicas, said, “We are pleased with the continued growth of JamaicaCAR in the automotive infotainment market. JamaicaCAR gives automotive applet developers a standards-based, secure platform with which to deploy innovative new solutions.”


About UniqueSoft (
UniqueSoft is a provider of next generation software development services that offer its clients superior quality, faster cycle times and lower costs. UniqueSoft specializes in modernizing both legacy embedded and IT software. The use of highly automated tools and techniques in collaboration with systems integrator partners and clients achieves outstanding results. UniqueSoft’s legacy modernization is distinguished by its ability to automate more than 90% of the legacy code modernization process. UniqueSoft services are designed for today's agile environments, with their short development cycles and the ability to both rapidly modernize software while adding new features in a highly cost-effective way.


About aicas (
aicas produces Java analysis and development tools for realtime and embedded systems. Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, the firm has been serving the marketplace since 2001. With aicas Incorporated in the USA and a network of resellers throughout the world, Aicas helps developers produce high-quality products while reducing time-to-market. The Aicas group provides products and services for the military/aerospace, industrial automation, and automotive markets, as well as companies serving the consumer point-of-sale and medical device sectors. JamaicaCAR is a connected applications runtime framework which uses Codename One for graphics. JamaicaCAR uses the same underlying technology as JamaicaVM with a standard subset of classes.
JamaicaVM, the flagship product of Aicas, is a hard realtime runtime environment incorporating leading edge deterministic garbage collection technologies for running realtime Java programs using the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) extensions and standard Java classes. JamaicaVM is available for 32bit and 64bit CPU architectures and for singlecore and multicore systems.

To ensure quality and minimal time to market, Aicas also offers analysis tools and customization services for its products. The VeriFlux automatic program analysis and JamaicaTrace tools help developers find errors and ensure code quality before their application is fielded. The Aicas team is dedicated to the success of its customers.


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